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Of or relating to a chemical precipitate, especially of carbonates, having the characteristics of cement.

[From Latin caementīcius, made of uncut stones or rubble, from caementum, uncut stone; see cement.]


of, relating to, or characteristic of cement
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Adj.1.cementitious - like or relevant to or having the properties of cement; "the adhesion of cementitious materials"
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Justification : Hydrogen sulfide is corrosive to concrete and cementitious materials and has damaged manholes.
The $8million facility has utilised the cementitious urethane flooring system across its manufacturing areas.
Madewell Products manufactures a variety of cementitious and epoxy products for the restoration and protection of structures such as brick and concrete manholes in the sanitary sewer market.
Repair systems have been proven to be a much cost-effective method to repair, restore and rehabilitate concrete structures versus more traditional practices with mechanical or cementitious materials.
Such coatings include durable, fire-safe, and thermal shock-resistant floor finishes; antimicrobial treated cementitious urethane surfaces; and anticorrosion floor coating systems.
Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) are identified as finely ground solid materials that are mostly used in cement supplements in a concrete mix to achieve one aim or target.
Through polymer resin technology and a highly engineered fiber architecture, [it] bonds to the cementitious matrices within the concrete to provide enhanced residual strength.
Flowfresh heavy-duty cementitious urethane flooring systems offers long term durability, transforming any demanding environment.
Jennings will consult on cement chemistry, cementitious composite microstructural characterization, concrete durability, and mechanisms of creep and shrinkage.
A new facility producing tile adhesive and related cementitious powder products will provide better, faster service to the Group's clients and support the numerous new construction projects in the region.
Betumat offers a full line of waterproofing products, including asphaltic membranes, cementitious grouts and modified asphalt products, to professional contractors and builders primarily in northern Brazil.