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Of or relating to a chemical precipitate, especially of carbonates, having the characteristics of cement.

[From Latin caementīcius, made of uncut stones or rubble, from caementum, uncut stone; see cement.]


of, relating to, or characteristic of cement
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Adj.1.cementitious - like or relevant to or having the properties of cement; "the adhesion of cementitious materials"
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In addition to Paraloid B-66 DMC, Dow Coating Materials offers a full range of solutions for concrete coatings, including Maincote HG-31, a waterborne acrylic for cementitious substrates where water barner properties are important, as well as a variety of Rhoplex Resins to meet performance needs such as good exterior weatherability, reduced water vapor permeability, dirt resistance, low solvent capability, low odor and APEO-free, being manufactured without the use of APEO surfactants.
Volumes for total cementitious materials, including cement and slag, are expected to increase 5% for the fourth quarter versus the same quarter last year, while they are expected to decrease 1% for the full year.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Cementitious Chemical Binder Admixture For Cementitious Sub Base And Cementitious Base Layers For Dsdbo Road Under Aor 113Rcc 50 Brtf (P) Himank.
Students placing first, second, and third place in the Cylinder Performance, and Cementitious Efficiency categories each received cash awards of $750, $500, and $250, respectively.
White Lightning's heavy-duty subfloor adhesives, the WL6000 and WL6500 also meet FHA and HUD housing requirements and are ideal for use on subfloors, wet and frozen lumber, tongue and groove flooring, decks, ramps, perches, steps, stairs, drywall, wood, cementitious board, plywood, particleboard, vinyl and aluminum.
Coverage includes cementitious polymers, ceramic tiles, chemical resistant bricks, epoxy resins, mastic asphalt, methacrylate monomers, polyurethane, screeds, and seamless flooring.
170 m 2 GK wall F90, d = 100 mm, sound insulation 54 dB / 63 dB 100 m " 2" GK boxing wall F90, d = 110 mm 3 690 m 2 GK wall F30, d = 125 mm, sound insulation 55 dB 235 m 2 GK wall F90, d = 125 mm, noise protection 64 dB 80 m 2 GK wall F0, d = 120 mm, GKBI / cementitious plate 65 m 2 GK installation wall, d = 170 mm, GKBI / cementitious panel 690 m 2 attachment tray GKF, d = 60 mm 1 325 m 2 attachment tray GKB, d = 100 mm 135 m 2 Attachment tray GKBI / cementitious plate, d = 75 mm 245 m 2 ceiling bulkhead for RR flush doors F30 292 pcs.
Through polymer resin technology and a highly engineered fiber architecture, [it] bonds to the cementitious matrices within the concrete to provide enhanced residual strength.
Kane will oversee sales and marketing elements for the Quadex line of cementitious rehabilitation products, Structure Guard protective epoxy coating product, and the Interfit Lateral Sealing System ranging from Minnesota to Virginia to New England.
Q What are the advantages of cementitious epoxy flooring?
com/reports/c27863) has announced the addition of Polymers in Cementitious Materials to their offering.
For this purpose, each caisson must be equipped with: A lid having orifices intended for the passage of the injection and vent nozzles, - studs made of cementitious material enabling the drums to be wedged and the minimum thickness of 50 mm to be obtained around the drums after injection of the liquid mortar - a cementitious base (about 20 cm) to compensate for the difference between the internal height of the box and that of the barrel.