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1. A person authorized to examine books, films, or other material and to remove or suppress what is considered morally, politically, or otherwise objectionable.
2. An official, as in the armed forces, who examines personal mail and official dispatches to remove information considered secret or a risk to security.
3. One that condemns or censures.
4. One of two officials in ancient Rome responsible for taking the public census and supervising public behavior and morals.
5. Psychology The component of the unconscious that is posited by psychoanalytic theory to be responsible for preventing certain thoughts or feelings from reaching the conscious mind.
tr.v. cen·sored, cen·sor·ing, cen·sors
To examine and expurgate.

[Latin cēnsor, Roman censor, from cēnsēre, to assess; see kens- in Indo-European roots.]

cen′sor·a·ble adj.
cen·so′ri·al (sĕn-sôr′ē-əl) adj.
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Noun1.censoring - counterintelligence achieved by banning or deleting any information of value to the enemycensoring - counterintelligence achieved by banning or deleting any information of value to the enemy
military censorship - all types of censorship conducted by personnel of the armed forces
national censorship - censorship under civil authority of communications entering or leaving of crossing the borders of the United States or its territories or possessions
counterintelligence - intelligence activities concerned with identifying and counteracting the threat to security posed by hostile intelligence organizations or by individuals engaged in espionage or sabotage or subversion or terrorism
2.censoring - deleting parts of publications or correspondence or theatrical performances
deletion - the act of deleting something written or printed
Bowdlerism - censorship in the form of prudish expurgation
Comstockery - censorship because of perceived obscenity or immorality
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There are also unnamed dictatorial systems that emerge as the pinnacle of despotism, unlawfulness and arbitrariness because they are not content with simply censoring, confiscating and banning intellectual and artistic works but seek to intimidate the people who produce such works with threats, pressure and terrorization.
The list issued by the board censoring a list of ' abuses' has drawn flak not only from renowned personalities of the film world, but also its own members.
In comments quoted by the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) last Tuesday, Jannati said Iran's censors would have banned the Qoran if Iran's book censoring rules had prevailed 1,400 years ago.
html) censoring the title of "Vagina," a new book by the feminist writer Naomi Wolf.
Authors were hardly ever able to defend their own writings, since the censors followed Alphonsus of Liguori's interpretation of this proposition, namely, that an author must not be heard if the censoring regarded "only" a book, not the author himself.
With induced percentile left censoring for improved model fitting, bootstrapping methods are employed for better estimating the upper percentiles and confidence intervals for strand thickness.
One student, who refused to be named, said the Edinburgh college bosses had been censoring work.
But officials insist censoring The Almighty in the film, nominated for six Oscars, was not a statement of some kind.
Wholesale panic even extended to censoring in one document figures that were happily released in another document.
Faced with the choice of defending free and open access to a book or manuscript, or censoring it to avoid conflict, controversy, or expense, Google has demonstrated that censorship is its preferred option.
The report's findings include the censoring of data that supports the efficacy of condoms and the killing of a project that showed sex education that doesn't insist on abstinence still works.
Chinese authorities have angered Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York by censoring her memoir, Living History.