center of gravity

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center of gravity

n. pl. centers of gravity
1. Abbr. CG The point in or near a body at which a single particle having the same mass as the body would have the same gravitational potential energy as the body. In a uniform gravitational field, center of gravity is the same as the center of mass.
2. The point of greatest importance, interest, or activity: "The center of gravity for the English language is no longer Britain. American English is the greatest influence on English everywhere" (Robert W. Burchfield).

cen′ter of grav′ity

1. the center of mass with reference to gravity as the external force.
2. the focus of significance or stability: The monarchy was that nation's center of gravity.

cen·ter of gravity

The point in a body through which the Earth's gravitational force acts and around which the body's weight is evenly balanced.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: of gravity - the point within something at which gravity can be considered to act; in uniform gravity it is equal to the center of mass
midpoint, centre, center - a point equidistant from the ends of a line or the extremities of a figure
center of flotation, centre of flotation - the center of gravity of a floating object
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At that point it reached the center of gravity of the five-hundred-mile-thick crust.
No," said Barbicane, "because the projectile's center of gravity is very low; it will only turn by degrees.
The center of gravity of the male body is high, and the tendency is to overtopple.
Joint Publication 5-0 defines center of gravity as "a source of power that provides moral or physical strength, freedom of action, or will to act.
These factors contributed to BRZ's low center of gravity -- one of the lowest possible.
Parameter Way, W (cm/s) describes the path of moving center of gravity, but because the examination time given a constant number, Way is characterized as the speed of center of gravity.
The low center of gravity increases stability and enhances the handling performance of here-to-for difficult loads," said James Walsh, president of Fleet Sales West.
With a low center of gravity, it has an instep 3-4mm higher than a normal skate to fit a foot with a higher arch comfortably.
One way to demonstrate how to locate center of gravity is using a stopwatch.
Draw a diagram of your structure, and place an "X" where you think the center of gravity is located.
No, because the wall prevents you from bringing your center of gravity forward far enough to offset the change in position.
1994) which used the center of gravity rather than the center of volume as the midpoint of the log.

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