center punch

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center punch

A tool with a sharp point used in metalworking to create an indentation that marks the center of a hole to be drilled and steadies the drill bit when drilling.

cen′ter punch`

a punch for making shallow indentations in metal, esp. to mark points for drilling.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: punch - a tool with a conical point that is used to make indentations in metal (especially to mark points for drilling)
punch, puncher - a tool for making holes or indentations punch - make a small hole in something as a guide for a drill
pierce, thrust - penetrate or cut through with a sharp instrument
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To prevent this, measure and mark where you want the hole and then use a center punch and hammer to create a small dimple.
Advanced projects walk through creating a gravity center punch, lathe puzzle, meat tenderizing hammer, model civil war cannon, and bolt welding jig.
Center punch him, and he'll collapse, out of the fight.
Each marked square was nicked with a cold chisel and the center of each square was marked with a center punch.
If the lock depressors need to be retightened, use a center punch on the center of the depressor's rivets.
The six bolts shown in the bottom photograph were made from standard hex-headed, square-headed or carriage bolts using just a chisel and center punch.
A center punch that has been inadvertently used on hardened steel will have its tip flattened, making it difficult to precisely locate the center point next time it is used.
On your poker use a center punch to mark all four sides of the shaft a couple of inches below the bulb handle.

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