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Noun1.centerfielder - the person who plays center fieldcenterfielder - the person who plays center field  
outfielder - (baseball) a person who plays in the outfield
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he was then gunned down at the plate on a throw from PCHS centerfielder Wyatt Gale, after Gale had caught a fly ball off the bat of Thies.
Mike Trout, a centerfielder for the Los Angeles Angels, gets $35.8 million a year.
Four more runs by Magsayo, Alonso, centerfielder Khrisha Cantor, highlighted with a one-run homerun by outfielder Alaiza Talisik, gave Team Manila a 12-0 lead capped by three strike outs by ace pitcher Alma Tauli at the end of the third.
Bob Mount, Oakridge's centerfielder, was standing in the on-deck circle when Ziegler was hit.
Cubs' centerfielder Dexter Fowler led off the game with a home run on the night's fourth pitch, but the Indians tied it in the third inning on a Carlos Santana RBI single.
Here in August 1942, the New York Yankees centerfielder signs autographs for GIs and others at the US Army's Fort Dix in New Jersey.
To avoid the confusion of having two Percy Chubbs at work, Percy III used his family nickname, Pi, which was borrowed from a centerfielder for the Newark Bears, a Yankees farm team.
''Once you're 'in', a lot of it takes care of itself,'' says Brian Menickella, a financial adviser in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, who works with professional athletes including Los Angeles Angels centerfielder Mike Trout.
Kerr remembers Jeb's reaction at a Houston Astros baseball game when the hometown crowd started booing centerfielder Jimmy Wynn because he was in a slump.
San Francisco Giants centerfielder Gregor Blanco misplays the ball and it gets by him.