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Noun1.centerfielder - the person who plays center fieldcenterfielder - the person who plays center field  
outfielder - (baseball) a person who plays in the outfield
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Thompson struck out freshman centerfielder Austin Masel with the bases loaded to limit the damage to one run.
Cubs' centerfielder Dexter Fowler led off the game with a home run on the night's fourth pitch, but the Indians tied it in the third inning on a Carlos Santana RBI single.
To avoid the confusion of having two Percy Chubbs at work, Percy III used his family nickname, Pi, which was borrowed from a centerfielder for the Newark Bears, a Yankees farm team.
Once you're 'in', a lot of it takes care of itself,'' says Brian Menickella, a financial adviser in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, who works with professional athletes including Los Angeles Angels centerfielder Mike Trout.
Blu Girls pitcher Veronica Belleza held the Koreans scoreless for four innings before centerfielder Kim Minyoung drove in Choi Sunhwa for their first run.
The shortstop couldn't get there in time and the centerfielder had to run up to retrieve the ball that was almost dead in the grass at that point.
Had he been born 90 years later, Sunday might have played in the majors alongside noted centerfielder Rick Monday.
For example, in traditional statistic keeping, if a batter hits a line drive that forces the center-fielder to make a diving catch, the pitcher gets credited with an out, the batter gets blamed for the out and the centerfielder is neutral.
Andres Torres, San Francisco Giants' Centerfielder with Documentary Filmmaker Chusy Jardine
Readers can find contrasting examples of the indomitable human spirit in two excellent biographies: one is of Louis Zamperini (Unbroken), a prominent runner in the 1930's, a United States 1936 Olympic 5,000m contestor; the other tells of the 1951 to 1968 baseball Hall of Fame New York Yankee centerfielder, Mickey Mantle (The Last Boy).
The Giants, of course, date back to upper Manhattan, where they were based when they won their previous championship with the aid of a pretty good centerfielder.
Angels centerfielder Torii Hunter hopes the fans remember the contributions he and some former Twins teammates made over the years, not just in terms of their heroics on the field but also their efforts in bringing a new ballpark to the Twin Cities.