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The band Centerfold will play classic rock and pop hits at Hoffman Estates' Village Green 7 p.m.
In his Instagram account, Richards uploaded two photos of himself half-naked and looking every inch centerfold ready for any fitness magazine.
Hugh Hefner's magazine is reportedly planning to offer the step sister of Kim Kardashian a very lucrative and irresistible offer for the centerfold spread, it has been revealed.
Black and white photos pepper a survey that holds a centerfold of color photos and considers the cat's distribution, habits, population, and attacks on humans--nearly half of which have happened since 1990.
But this issue's saving grace is the pop-up centerfold of the Cargill Superior Elevator--now that is some tight work.
The 60-year-old writer - who posed for Playboy at age 41, appeared in the movie 'Celebrity Video Centerfold' and dated Bernie Leadon of the Eagles - self-published the romantic novel on Amazon, where it can be downloaded for 2.99 dollars, the New York Post reported.
Centerfold Strips, a nationwide adult entertainment service can help.
A gorgeous must-see pullout centerfold features the trio from Le Tigre, including the hairy JD Samson in all her butchy glory.
I couldn't help but notice that the Thursday edition of another local paper includes a centerfold of women who apparently were rated in an online poll in a search for the "Hottest Spring Sizzler".
We just received the Spring 2007 issue of Airman magazine and I and several coworkers were wondering what the point is of a "wash and wear" uniform --which is not allowed to be dry cleaned--when the only picture of it (centerfold poster) shows it ironed and pressed.
Portrait of a Centerfold: The Bare Facts About HIV-positive Lesbian Playboy Playmate Rebekka Armstrong