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1. A line that bisects something into equal parts.
2. A painted line running along the center of a road or highway that divides it into two sections for traffic moving in opposite directions, or, in the case of a divided highway, for lines of traffic moving in the same direction at different speeds.


or cen′ter line`,

any line that bisects a plane figure: the centerline of a building plan.
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Noun1.centerline - a line that bisects a plane figure
line - a length (straight or curved) without breadth or thickness; the trace of a moving point
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In connection with the acquisition, Island Capital along with Centerline also announced that Island had completed a total restructuring of Centerline's financial structure and core business operations by eliminating approximately $1.
Prior to joining Centerline, Price worked in corporate real estate for Kaiser Permanente where he managed a portfolio of 59 buildings in the Mid-Atlantic region.
9, 2010, Fitch was notified of a proposal to transfer the CDO collateral management and administration responsibilities for the above-referenced CDOs to CSI from Centerline REIT Inc.
The buyer, which had previously acquired a 41% stake in Centerline through an affiliate, agreed to buy the rest of the target on Wednesday for USD39.
Our borrower needed to close quickly and the sale was contingent on all properties closing at the same time," commented Steven Cox, senior vice president, Commercial Real Estate at Centerline.
NEW YORK -- Centerline Capital Group ("Centerline"), a real estate asset management and financial services firm and subsidiary of Centerline Holding Company (the "Company"), announced today it closed a series of transactions with Island Capital Group LLC ("Island Capital") and the Company's creditors and preferred shareholders.
12 June 2013 - US real estate operator Hunt Companies Inc's affordable housing division Hunt Capital Partners LLC agreed to buy the remaining shares not already owned in domestic real estate finance and asset management firm Centerline Holding Company (OTCMKTS:CLNH) for USD39.
The deal represents the largest financing transaction closed this year by Centerline and one of the largest group of loans financed this year by Freddie Mac.
Centerline will mail hard copies of the Schedule K-1 forms to common and 11% preferred shareholders on or about February 22, 2010.
Centerline announced on 14 May its board's go-ahead to talks with Hunt, which had previously acquired shares representing a 41% stake in it through an affiliate.
At Centerline he will focus on raising the firm's visibility by elevating its marketing, public relations and investor relations initiatives, as well as enhancing the firms overall internal employee communications.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings downgrades Centerline Servicing Inc.