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1. Something in a central position, especially a decorative object or arrangement placed at the center of a table.
2. The central or most important feature: "Now comes decontrol, the centerpiece of [the President's] energy program" (Tom Alexander).


(ˈsɛn tərˌpis)

1. an ornamental object used on the center of a dining table.
2. the central or outstanding point or feature.
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Noun1.centerpiece - the central or most important featurecenterpiece - the central or most important feature; "education was the centerpiece of the Democratic Party's political platform"
characteristic, feature - a prominent attribute or aspect of something; "the map showed roads and other features"; "generosity is one of his best characteristics"
2.centerpiece - something placed at the center of something else (as on a table)
decoration, ornament, ornamentation - something used to beautify
epergne - a large table centerpiece with branching holders for fruit or sweets or flowers
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domestic centerpeice of the Obama presidency, the federal health law.
He proposed, moreover, as the centerpeice of his address that any future budget surpluses -- now projected at in excess of $200 billion over the next five years -- be preserved to protect the Social Security system for future generations.
Tender salad greens mixed with flavorful herbs, accented with flowers, and presented growing in a basket--this is a living spring centerpeice or container garden.