centers of gravity

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center of gravity

n. pl. centers of gravity
1. Abbr. CG The point in or near a body at which a single particle having the same mass as the body would have the same gravitational potential energy as the body. In a uniform gravitational field, center of gravity is the same as the center of mass.
2. The point of greatest importance, interest, or activity: "The center of gravity for the English language is no longer Britain. American English is the greatest influence on English everywhere" (Robert W. Burchfield).
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centers of gravity

Those characteristics, capabilities, or sources of power from which a military force derives its freedom of action, physical strength, or will to fight. Also called COGs. See also capability; decisive point.
Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005.
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However, we are contemplating where the centers of gravity will be for the new organization.
Simply put, a shared understanding of hybrid warfare and centers of gravity are required for a fresh analysis of ISIL.
It balances because the rocket string, the planet string, and the mobile string are all tied to the centers of gravity of their dowels, which are determined by the sizes of the objects hanging from them.
Box-in-box construction supports the saddle at both ends, guiding and driving movable parts at their centers of gravity in a balanced way, making high-speed and high acceleration possible.
But Kuo says that both people walking normally and the new-style robotic walkers move their centers of gravity up and down.
Under realistic assumptions, the United States and Asia will remain the centers of gravity of the global economy in the coming years.
Besides some of the more obvious problems, like switching from pointe shoes to bare feet, classical and modern techniques rely on different positions, muscle groups, and even centers of gravity. I'm not surprised that you're getting injured.
Air Force, which takes a "targeting" approach to warfare, sees centers of gravity as multiple strategic and operational critical points that it can attack with its bombing assets.
Correctly identifying the centers of gravity of the opposing forces is of highest importance in any conflict.
This is seen not only in the tacit adoption of a Braudelian framework in which centers of gravity migrate from one urban system to another.
Strange and Richard Iron, "Understanding Centers of Gravity and Critical Vulnerabilities," unpublished paper, available at <
You put your legs through the holes, pull it up, and buckle it shut, like a seat belt." The wires are attached to the harness with clamps, each individually adjusted, since even people of the same height and weight have different centers of gravity. A one-inch difference in the placement, she says, will alter the weight distribution.

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