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n. pl. cen·tos
A poem or other literary work pieced together from the works of several authors.

[Latin centō, patchwork.]


n, pl -tos
(Poetry) a piece of writing, esp a poem, composed of quotations from other authors
[C17: from Latin, literally: patchwork garment]


n acronym for
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Central Treaty Organization; an organization for military and economic cooperation formed in 1959 by the UK, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey as a successor to the Baghdad Pact: disbanded 1979

Cento, Centones, Centoism

 A literary or musical composition made up of selections; a string or rigmarole; a composition formed by joining scraps from other authors, 1605; a patchwork of coloured cloths, 1610.
Examples: cento of blunders, 1780; of borrowed thoughts, 1859; of commonplaces, 1822; of literary works, 1605; of musical composition; of uncircumcised nations, 1647; of patchwork, 1610; of revolters of popery, 1626; of scriptural phrases; of verses, 1882.
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A Divisao de Desenvolvimento Economico da Comissao Economica para a America Latina e Caribe (ECLAC) observou em dezembro que "enquanto o consumo e o investimento privado na America do Sul cairam 2,3 por cento e 9,9 por cento, respectivamente, no consumo privado da America Central aumentou 3,0 por cento E o investimento em 1,9 por cento.
Ms Moutafis said: "The idea for Cento came about when Colin and I met at the BIC four years ago.
Cento Clothing offers a bespoke design service for logos, prints and garments as well as having its own clothing brand
Arguably the ultimate cruiser-racer, the Wally Cento class uses a box rule to encourage designers to push both sides of the C-R equation, and Philippe Briand is the latest naval architect to join this carbon super-maxi fleet.
Such a composite work, called a cento, had become popular in Latin literature a century before Proba, coinciding with the transition in writing media from scroll to codex, and was quite similar to the frequent quotation of the Bible in patristic literature.
We have evolved into a solution-specific company to meet growing customer needs," added Cento, who joined FedEx in 1989 when the company took over the Flying Tigers Line and added a large international network to its system.
Korren and Cento represented the landlord in this transaction.
Hazlitt's and Wordsworth's uses of the cento illustrate the constitutive contradiction between copyright's rationale and the materialities of cultural production; their uses also suggest prototypical models of fair dealing, avant la lettre, as both a user's right and a resource for authorship.
Independent engine manufacturer VM Motori SpA, Cento, Italy, has awarded metalcaster Tupy, Joinville, Brazil, a series production contract to make the cylinder block and bedplate for its new 3.
The brand's top seller is the exclusive Cento Collection which is centred on the creative application of the magnificent 100-facet Cento diamonds.
Marketing has also been making its own headlines lately Ike Carrillo and Dan Cento joined The Jeffrey Group's experiential marketing team and Sergio H.
alfardan sports motors company introduces another maserati jewel in doha - the quattroporte collezione cento