central angle

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central angle

An angle having its vertex at the center of a circle.

central angle

(Mathematics) an angle whose vertex is at the centre of a circle

cen′tral an′gle

an angle formed at the center of a circle by two radii.

cen·tral angle

An angle formed by two rays from the center of a circle, with the center forming the vertex.
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Assume the amplitude of the modal shape is A, and expand the modal shape along the central angle [alpha], then the modal shapes of the two mode can be expressed as:
b], installation angle [alpha], and central angle of small arc [beta], as shown in Figure 2.
The morphological factors responsible for resistance are the thickness and the rigidity of the cellular wall, the distribution and the size of stomata, the rugosity of the leaf surface, the composition and amount of wax accumulated on the surface of the leaves, the leaf shape and, the most investigated, the central angle between the leaves, once, all these features make it difficult for pests and microorganisms to attack the plant.
These holes have the same diameter d, and are equally spaced with the same central angle [zeta] in the same annulus with a specific thickness a, where for different concentric annuli the central angle [zeta] may be different.
whose central angle has the same measure as its included arc,
The experiments were Conducted in a circular plaxiglass flume with central angle of 180 degree, central radius of R = 2.
Thus the problem of finding the great-circle distance between points A and B is reduced to finding the central angle, 0, of the sector in Figure 7.
The house forms a rough L-shape with its main entrance at the central angle and a guest cloakroom tucked to one side in the traditional manner.
Then he found that 360[degrees] - 5 = 72[degrees], which he recorded as the measure of each central angle.
S] is the width of the coupling slot, [theta] is the central angle of the coupling slot, [W.

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