central casting

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cen′tral cast′ing

Motion Pictures.
an agency, studio department, etc., responsible for hiring actors, esp. bit players or extras.
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"For years we were behind in Scotland, then the Scottish Conservatives threw out central casting and elected someone totally different, someone who made people look at our party again."
The requisite villains--a creepy college professor and some menacing backwoodsmen--seem straight out of central casting. Readers may find themselves distracted by clumsy grammar and word usage.
The number four place remains one of the toughest positions in one-day cricket but Rahul's performance in the second warm-up match makes him appear a choice straight from central casting.
When I was a child, besides a ton of stories and an accent from central casting, he also shared with me his grandmother's recipe for dill pickles.
You If you were to go to central casting and ask for a guy to play "sleazy lawyer" you could not improve on Michael Cohen.
I, and I suspect many more real East Enders, are royally hacked off with the cor-blimey patter and central casting caricature of everyman's Cockney that he seems to revel in.
Then came Donald Trump, who emerged from central casting as the opposite not only of Obama but of all things decent, fair and true.
According to Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin, Trump described the king as being 'right out of central casting'.
- will pose few problems that can't be solved by Central Casting. The two British cavers who found them can be played by George Clooney for maturity and Jennifer Lawrence in Lycra for glamour.
He oozes the Right Stuff of Chuck Yeager and John Glenn, a character straight out of NASA's central casting: tall, confident, and a little cocky.
Praising the doctor, he once said, "He's like central casting - like a Hollywood star," CNN reported.
The troubled teen daughter of former rock band mates is told that her posh Beverly Hills upbringing is enviable, and that "Moses would throw his tablets down to come to this party." A woman visiting her Idaho hometown notes how her dour mother looks "increasingly like Central Casting sent her for a farmwoman crowd shot." A husband whose wife hates his jazz collection has to keep the music locked away from her in his study, "like vials of pathogens."

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