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- Simplified Policy Management Centralize policy files in a single management location, and group hosts with common sudoers files using the simple Group Alias feature.
With WatchGuard's XTM 1050 appliance in HA mode, ManpowerGroup is able to centralize internet connectivity and its management.
Depending on the organization's industry and physical distribution, it may make more sense to centralize procurement or to allocate procurement activities to groups in different business units or geographic locations.
Members will have the opportunity to centralize social streams, such as Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) , Twitter and Linkedin and then showcase their ON-G page to friends or business associates on a single platform that makes them money.
Individuals and some illegal organizations in the national, state and local levels used to collect taxes at the borders and established tax collection check points inside South Sudan for self--benefit, prompting the national government to centralize the collection.
Those aspects of the program used to be handled through one office, but during a massive reorganization of the university about nine years ago, the decision was made to decentralize those tasks, but to centralize all other distance learning components.
While nearly half of typical large corporations today still rely on spreadsheets as their primary budgeting tool, Hackett found, top companies are using enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to effectively centralize information management.
Base Realignment and Closure, or BRAC, directed the Air Force to centralize some Air Force Materiel Command civilian personnel servicing functions at Air Force Personnel Center.
The introduction new technologies has helped EOP streamline and centralize its customer service efforts, including a wireless work order system that enables the company's more than 500 customers, throughout the New York region to make service requests online, via email or by calling a centralized customer service center.

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