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Noun1.centrarchid - small carnivorous freshwater percoid fishes of North America usually having a laterally compressed body and metallic luster: crappies; black bass; bluegills; pumpkinseed
percoid, percoid fish, percoidean - any of numerous spiny-finned fishes of the order Perciformes
crappie - small sunfishes of central United States rivers
freshwater bream, bream - any of various usually edible freshwater percoid fishes having compressed bodies and shiny scales; especially (but not exclusively) of the genus Lepomis
Lepomis gibbosus, pumpkinseed - small brilliantly colored North American sunfish
Ambloplites rupestris, rock sunfish, rock bass - game and food fish of upper Mississippi and Great Lakes
black bass - widely distributed and highly prized American freshwater game fishes (sunfish family)
sunfish - the lean flesh of any of numerous American perch-like fishes of the family Centrarchidae
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The influence of environmental variability, resource abundance, and predation on juvenile cyprinid and centrarchid fishes.
The Centrarchid system is similar to the perch-roach system in that different life stages of the piscivorous species (perch and largemouth bass) are affected differently by prey species (roach and blue-gill sunfish) which at the same time competes with juveniles of the piscivorous species (Persson 1988, Olson 1993).
Harvey (1987) indicated that flood events displaced and killed cyprinid and centrarchid larvae 5-10 mm TL, but larger individuals could better maintain their position.
Pteronotropis hubbsi is 1 of about 10 cyprinids known to spawn over centrarchid nests.
Fishless habitats contain a large-bodied ecotype and habitats with centrarchid fish contain a small-bodied ecotype (Wellborn, 1995a).
A study of the life history of the centrarchid Enneacanthus gloriosus (Holbrook) near the southern limit of its range.
The modified mantles of females of most species in these genera strongly resemble small fishes, large terrestrial insects, or other large invertebrates, items which comprise the bulk of the diet of centrarchid fishes in streams (Carlander, 1977).
Managing Centrarchid Fisheries in Rivers and Streams
Officially the centrarchid family of fishes, sunfish are relatively small carnivorous freshwater fishes such as bluegill, shell-cracker, warmouth, both black and white crappie, green sunfish, redear sunfish, and black bass.
The large centrarchid can migrate an average of 6.5 km between summer and winter habitats and may migrate distances up to 75 km (Lyons and Kanehl, 2002).
Bolnick DI, Near TJ (2005) Tempo of hybrid inviability in centrarchid fishes (Teleostei: Centrarchidae).