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1. An apparatus consisting essentially of a compartment spun about a central axis to separate contained materials of different specific gravities, or to separate colloidal particles suspended in a liquid.
2. An apparatus in which humans or animals are enclosed and which is revolved to simulate the effects of acceleration in a spacecraft.
tr.v. cen·tri·fuged, cen·tri·fug·ing, cen·tri·fug·es
To rotate (something) in a centrifuge or to separate, dehydrate, or test by means of this apparatus.

[French, centrifugal, from New Latin centrifugus; see centrifugal.]

cen·trif′u·ga′tion (sĕn-trĭf′yə-gā′shən, -trĭf′ə-) n.
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Noun1.centrifugation - the process of separating substances of different densities by the use of a centrifuge
natural action, natural process, action, activity - a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings); "the action of natural forces"; "volcanic activity"
ultracentrifugation - centrifugation at very high speeds
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The samples of blood were subjected to centrifugation process at 4500 x g for 10 minutes.
Keywords: Delayed centrifugation, Delayed processing, Serum chemistry.
The lysis centrifugation method concentrates and separates microorganism from plasma, thereby getting separated from antibiotics and other antibacterial factors that may also be present in blood.
In order to investigate differences in collection and processing methods, Almizraq and colleagues recently collected blood from donors using four different methods (n = 8 per method): (1) whole blood which was leukoreduced; (2) RBCs separated from whole blood by centrifugation and then leukoreduced; (3) RBCs collected using apheresis; and (4) whole blood with plasma extracted by centrifugation.
Single-factor experiment was used to research the effect of liquid-to-solid ratio, standing time and centrifugation time on the extraction of crude cerebroside.
* First soft centrifugation is done at 250G (1500RPM with 10cm radius of centrifuge) for 15 minutes.
Effect of centrifugation with EquiPure[R] on seminal traits of Colombian Creole Horses after refrigeration using fluorescent dyes
His topics include a historical perspective of human rotation and centrifugation, the vestibular ocular reflex and vestibular nystagmus, sinusoidal harmonic acceleration testing, and supplemental and specialized rotational tests.
The containers can accommodate a working sample volume of up to 25 mL, ideal for a range of general laboratory applications, from sample handling to centrifugation. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
Additionally, since the Marrow Cellution[TM] system does not require centrifugation, it required less preparation time, lower volume of aspirate, and did not require additional manipulative steps outside the sterile field compared to the EMCYTE[R] BMC System.