centripetal acceleration

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Noun1.centripetal acceleration - the acceleration toward the center that holds a satellite in elliptical orbit
acceleration - (physics) a rate of increase of velocity
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The Centripetal Acceleration, [A.sub.C], is defined in terms of longitudinal velocity and the radius of the turn in Equation 11
Well, consider this - in 2017, the second prize in the Grade 12 category of the Nasa Ames Space Settlement Contest was bagged by Sai Kiran P., an 18-year-old from Chennai, India, who presented a proposal for elevators powered by centripetal acceleration. Apparently, the technology will be able to lift elevators to 40,0000km and transport humans or cargo to the moon.
One is for enhancing damping for a straight-line path and the other is for providing the centripetal acceleration for a circular path.
Even if the relative acceleration is from one vehicle towards the other [mathematical expression not reproducible], the distance will still be a minimum if the centripetal acceleration is larger:
Three predominant forces act upon the motion of a fluid: Buoyancy acts in the direction of Earth's gravity; molecular diffusion in all directions; and centripetal acceleration force radially from the axis of rotation.
It should also be noted that Hafele et al [17] in their time dilation "twin paradox" experiment applied a correction for centripetal acceleration to their experimental results.
This increased my white blood cell count far above normal and forced extra blood stem cells into my bloodstream, thus enabling the technicians to run my blood through an apheresis machine, which separated the phases of blood by density using centripetal acceleration. On the donation day, I sat in a comfy chair with an IV in each arm for four hours as a machine took blood from one arm, separated out the stem cells, and returned the rest of my blood via my other arm.
Choose successive speeds such that the increments of centripetal acceleration were not more than 0.5 m/s2, where the data that could be useful to make smaller incremental changes varied with centripetal acceleration.
(b) Inertial description of the moving system neglected with respect to nonstandard inertial forces (Coriolis acceleration and centripetal acceleration in (A.5) are not considered), namely, Standard Analysis (SA).
* Acceleration normal to curvature (centripetal acceleration) ([a.sub.n]) = velocity squared multiply divided by radius ([v.sup.2]/r)