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n. pl. cen·trums or cen·tra (-trə)
The major part of a vertebra, exclusive of the bases of the neural arch.

[Latin, center; see center.]


n, pl -trums or -tra (-trə)
(Zoology) the main part or body of a vertebra
[C19: from Latin: centre]


(ˈsɛn trəm)

n., pl. -trums, -tra (-trə).
1. a center.
2. the body of a vertebra, the part cushioned by the spinal disk.
[1850–55; < Latin; see center]
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Noun1.centrum - the main body of a vertebra
bone, os - rigid connective tissue that makes up the skeleton of vertebrates
vertebra - one of the bony segments of the spinal column
haemal arch, hemal arch - a structure arising ventrally from a vertebral centrum and enclosing the caudal blood vessels
neural arch, vertebral arch - a structure arising dorsally from a vertebral centrum and enclosing the spinal cord
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Science museums or science centrums have their origin in the "cabinets of curiosities" or "miscellanea" assembled by scientifically-minded people (Grolier Encyclopedia, 2000).
Science Centrums have been increasingly considered as an informal science learning centers containing interactive science exhibits.
Researchers contend that fieldtrips to science museums or science centrums can be valuable and exciting opportunities for enhancing children's learning of attitude toward science and science museums (Paris et al.
In the science centrums, students are afforded hands-on and minds-on experiences to learn.
Exposure to science centrums can be one of the solutions to the waning interest of students in taking up a science course.
As an informal learning environment, its existence has been a constant source of study in developed countries where science centrums or museums are fully established.
The OSTC is a member of the Mindanao Association of Museums (MAM) and of the eleven science centrums in the countryside assisted by the Department of Science and Technology.
Determining if the science centrum as an informal learning environment can promote science learning and stimulate student's interest in science is the central problem of this study.

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