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Designating those Indo-European languages, including the Italic, Hellenic, Celtic, and Germanic branches, that merged the palatal velar stops with the plain velars k, g, gh and maintained a distinction between them and the labiovelars kw, gw, gwh.

[Latin, hundred (a word whose initial sound in classical Latin illustrates the preservation of the Indo-European palatal velar as a velar k); see dekm̥ in Indo-European roots.]


(Linguistics) denoting or belonging to the Indo-European languages in which original velar stops (k) were not palatalized, namely languages of the Hellenic, Italic, Celtic, Germanic, Anatolian, and Tocharian branches. Compare satem
[Latin: hundred, chosen because the c represents the Indo-European k]


(ˈkɛn təm, -tʊm)

of or designating the group of Indo-European languages, comprising the Germanic, Celtic, Italic, Hellenic, Anatolian, and Tocharian branches, in which Proto-Indo-European palatal phonemes developed into velar sounds, as (k) or (KH). Compare satem.
[1900–05; < Latin: hundred, exemplifying in c- the outcome of Indo-European palato-velar stops characteristic of the group]
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The importance of the family had thus dwindled, but they still retained the old Saxon manor-house, with a couple of farms and a grove large enough to afford pannage to a hundred pigs--"sylva de centum porcis," as the old family parchments describe it.
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If there is a genuine popular clamor for a thorough revamp of the system of government, the third option looks like an appropriate medium: amending or revising the Constitution 'upon a petition of at least twelve per centum of the total number of registered voters, of which every legislative district must be represented by at least three per centum of the registered voters therein.
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3-meter-tall house of cards on top of an LG Centum Systemao washing machine running at 1,000 RPM, a feat which earned Berg a world record for the highest card structure built in 12 hours.
Attendees include UAE Minister for Culture, Youth and Social Development His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan; Former Malian Prime Minister Dr Cheick Modibo Diarra; International Enterprise Singapore Director Jaya Gopalakrishnan, Former US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer and Centum CEO James Mworia, amongst many others.
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