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(73) Rather than ruling from afar in the habitual imperious, uncompassionate, and uninvolved fashion, this "small nation had centupled itself throughout the world it discovered", (74) as Rocha Martins vigorously contended in his work Historia das Colonias.
De Quincey emphasizes that this "vast multiplication" has been far from beneficial to "literature." The new influx of readers in our times," he affirms, the collateral affluents into the main river from the mechanic and provincial sections of our population, which have centupled the volume of the original current, cannot be held as telling favourably upon literature, or telling at all, except in the departments of popularised science, of religion, of fictitious tales, and of journalism.
The "original" "volume" of the reading public has been "centupled," he affirms, by "the new influx ...