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n. pl. cen·tu·ries
a. A period of 100 years.
b. Each of the successive periods of 100 years before or since the advent of the Christian era.
a. A unit of the Roman army originally consisting of 100 men.
b. One of the 193 electoral divisions of the Roman people.
3. A group of 100 things.

[Latin centuria, a group of a hundred, from centum, hundred; see dekm̥ in Indo-European roots.]

cen·tu′ri·al adj.
cen′tu·ry·long′ adj.


1. (Military) of or relating to a Roman century
2. rare involving a period of 100 years
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Tim O'Brien, Chief Operating Officer of Centurial Group, an NRP Member Firm, and Bob Rafter, Attorney.
The exhibitions programme began yesterday with Names Set in Stone: The Builders of Hadrian's Wall featuring centurial stones excavated at various points along Hadrian's Wall.
Marrying off a daughter and marrying in a wife at the same time, the university especially broadcasted the centurial wedding on the front page of NCKU website, allowing the world to witness this beautiful wedding.