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A freeman of the lowest class in Anglo-Saxon England.

[Old English.]


(Historical Terms) a freeman of the lowest class in Anglo-Saxon England
[Old English; see churl]
ˈceorlish adj


(ˈtʃeɪ ɔrl)

(in Anglo-Saxon England) a freeman of the lowest rank.
[< Old English; see churl]
ceorl′ish, adj.
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(7) The DOE, in senses 1a and 1b, defines an eorl as a "nobleman" or a "man of noble birth or rank, a noble, 'earl' (as distinguished from a ceorl)" and "in poetry: warrior, man".
Dunnere pa cwaed, darod acwehte, uneorne ceorl, ofer eall clypode, bed pet beorna gehwylc Byrhtnod wrece: "Ne maeg na wandian se pe wrecan penced frean on folce, ne for feore murnan." Dunnere then spoke, he shook his spear, a simple yeoman, he called out over all, he asked that each warrior should avenge Byrhtnoth: "He must never flinch who thinks to avenge his lord in this body of men, nor be anxious about life." (255-59) Pa gyt on orde stod Eadweard se langa gearo and geornful; gylpwordum spraec, paet he nolde fleogan fotmael landes, ofer baec bugan, pa his betera leg.
En la ley del rey Ine de Wessex, fechada en 694, esta documentado el fyrd, esto es, el servicio de hueste y tambien la multa, el fyrdwite, por incumplimiento del servicio; legislando sobre las comitivas aristocraticas, se establecen las multas de 120 chelines para un miembro de la aristocracia (gesiP) que dispusiera de un dominio, el cual era confiscado, de 60 chelines para el gesiP que no tuviera tierra y de 30 chelines para el ceorl (el comun hombre libre) (38).
Where Zarathustra gave birth to stars, the slave markings smudged the glass: The black hole involuted, not worthy even to lick the soles of the ceorl ...
Extraordinarily widely read as Dr Sims-Williams is, he occasionally misses the obvious, for his questioning whether Ceorl, an early king of the Mercians, was given the name as 'a nickname for an upstart of less than aristocratic, "churlish" stock' (p.