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brow pre·sen·ta·tion

n. [delivery] presentación frontal del feto.
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* The baby's head should present first or what's called as "cephalic presentation."
Primiparity and cephalic presentation of the fetus were significantly more common in the failure group than in the success group (55.9% [175/313] vs.
External cephalic version is a procedure by which the fetus is manipulated from the breech position to cephalic presentation through the maternal abdomen.
Women beyond 37 weeks of gestation, in labor with a singleton cephalic presentation, who requested opioid pain relief were randomized to intravenous remifentanil PCA (201 women) or intramuscular pethidine (199 women).
On examination, she had good uterine contractions, a cephalic presentation, the fetal heart rate was 128/min, the cervical dilatation was 4 cm, the membranes were absent, a 34-week uterine size, good uterine contractions and Bandl's ring present.
[1] Breech delivery has higher risks as compared to cephalic presentation with respect to foetal morbidity and mortality.
Level II ultrasound obstetrics scan was done on the day of admission that showed single live intrauterine fetus with cephalic presentation; the gestational age was 37 weeks 4 days, placenta was fundo-body posterior, liquor was adequate, and expected fetal weight was 3.3 kg.
The second twin shifted from a cephalic presentation to a double footling breech presentation and his FHR reflected severe bradycardia.
The left hip is more frequently affected than the right one because, in cephalic presentation, most fetuses have their spines positioned to the left of the mother.
The fetus was in a cephalic presentation (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).
All patients presenting in gynae outdoor department and labour ward, who were between 3742 weeks of gestation and cephalic presentation with high risk pregnancy and CTG was indicated on clinical indications were included in the study.
Success of the procedure in terms of persistent cephalic presentation was recorded as the primary outcome.