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Noun1.cephalohematoma - a collection of blood under the scalp of a newborn; caused by pressure during birth
blood cyst, hematocyst, hemorrhagic cyst - a cyst containing blood
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The patient was diagnosed with severe hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy, cephalohematoma, and neonatal jaundice.
But I would much rather fall forward and risk breaking a wrist, than backwards and hit my head which can produce a concussion or, more subtly, cause bleeding entrapped by the covering of the brain (cephalohematoma), which may amount to real neurological trouble soon after.
They listed major primary outcomes of subgaleal hemorrhage, skull fracture, and intracranial bleeding, and minor primary outcomes of cephalohematoma, scalp laceration, and extensive skin abrasions.
This is most likely due to the clinical relationship between longer duration of labour and cephalohematoma, a known risk factor for severe hyperbilirubinemia [17,18].
Although the vacuum is associated with a greater incidence of cephalohematoma, other facial/cranial injuries are more common with forceps [7].
(4,9,10,13) It can be clinically distinguished from cephalohematoma that occurs in the periosteum.
Risk factors with severe hyperbilirubinemia in newborns have included jaundice in the first 24 hours of life, jaundice noted before discharge from hospital, a sibling who had jaundice treated with phototherapy, near-term gestational age of 35-36 weeks, and the presence of infant with bruising or cephalohematoma.
No neonatal problems or trauma during normal vaginal delivery resulting in cephalohematoma or ecchymoses was reported.
The physical examination findings revealing the presence of cephalohematoma or suspicion of sepsis was noted.
His mother also reports that Luke had a right cephalohematoma at birth that did not cause any complications.
This confirmed the suspected right parietal skull fracture and cephalohematoma. In addition, it also demonstrated a small right epidural hematoma (Figures 3, 4 and 5).