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 (sîr′ə-mĭd′, sĕr′-)
Any of a group of lipids that are formed by the linking of a fatty acid to sphingosine, are found in cell membranes, and help to regulate the differentiation, proliferation, and death of cells.

[cer(ebroside), any of various glycolipids containing sphingosine and found especially in brain and nerve tissue (cerebr(o)- + -ose + -ide) + amide.]
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(Elements & Compounds) any of a class of biologically important compounds used as moisturizers in skin-care preparations
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Many investigations have also shown a close connection between ceramide signaling and mitochondrial function and that mitochondria are the primary site of ROS production under normal physiologic conditions as well as during ischemia and IR insults [28, 56].
Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Eye Serum Capsules, PS52 for 60 Replenishes the skin's own ceramides (important for plumped skin) which dwindle over time.
Investigation of ceramide and ceramidases on cancer therapy had become popular in recent years.
Ceramide external standards with a d18:1 sphingoid base (C14:0, C16:0, C18:0, C24:0, and C24:1 subspecies; Avanti Polar Lipids, Inc., Alabaster, Alabama, USA) were diluted with 1mL of CH[Cl.sub.3] in order to obtain a 5 mg/mL concentration.
The genes differentially expressed were related to anion binding, oxidoreductase activity, calcium-dependent phospholipid binding, ceramide metabolic process, and others.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 12, 2019-: Ceramide Market Is Anticipated To Witness Commendable Growth Owing To Rising Need For Anti-Aging And Environmental Protection Cosmetics Products Till 2022 | Million Insights
"Our study identifies important correlations between ceramide levels, body mass index, and disease progression in MS patients," said Patrizia Casaccia, lead author of the study.
You can try Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules.
#6 claims to 'deliver healthier looking, glowing skin for less', and includes must have ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic, ceramide, vitamins A & E, sweet almond oil and algae extract, and is suitable for all skin types.
A new, soon-to-be-published study demonstrates that a plant ceramide extract delivers a visible reduction of wrinkles, as well as a very high level of skin hydration.
Next, the researchers used mass spectrometry analysis, a method of identifying and quantifying the chemical composition of a mixture, to determine ceramide, glucosylceramide and lactosylceramide levels in the mice.