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 (sîr′ə-mĭd′, sĕr′-)
Any of a group of lipids that are formed by the linking of a fatty acid to sphingosine, are found in cell membranes, and help to regulate the differentiation, proliferation, and death of cells.

[cer(ebroside), any of various glycolipids containing sphingosine and found especially in brain and nerve tissue (cerebr(o)- + -ose + -ide) + amide.]
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(Elements & Compounds) any of a class of biologically important compounds used as moisturizers in skin-care preparations
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Here we describe a simple method for the simultaneous quantification of Cer and neutral glycosphingolipids in plasma and its application for monitoring G1cCer and Cer in patients with Gaucher disease on ERT and SRT and for ceramide trihexoside (CTH) and Cer in patients with Fabry disease on ERT.
within cells and tissues as ceramide trihexoside (CTH) resulting in tissue and organ
This deficiency leads to the accumulation of ceramide trihexoside (CTH) (4) and related glycosphingolipids with terminal [alpha]-galactosyl residues in the tissues and body fluids, including heart, liver, kidney, vascular endothelial cells, and plasma (2).