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A hard, unctuous, fat- or wax-based solid, sometimes medicated, formerly applied to the skin directly or on dressings.

[Latin cērātum, from cērātus, past participle of cērāre, to cover with wax, from cēra, wax; akin to Greek kēros.]
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(ˈsɪərɪt; -reɪt)
(Pharmacology) a hard ointment or medicated paste consisting of lard or oil mixed with wax or resin
[C16: from Latin cērātum, from cēra wax]
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(ˈsɪər eɪt)

an unctuous, often medicated, preparation for external application, consisting of lard or oil mixed with wax, rosin, or the like.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Latin cērātum, neuter of cērātus, past participle of cērāre to cover or smear with wax, derivative of cēra wax]
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a thick ointment composed of fat, wax, and other ingredients, applied externally to cure various diseases.
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Noun1.cerate - a hard medicated paste made of lard or oil mixed with wax or resin
camphor ice - a cerate made of camphor and wax and spermaceti and castor oil
ointment, salve, unguent, balm, unction - semisolid preparation (usually containing a medicine) applied externally as a remedy or for soothing an irritation
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We will apply to your loins the great defensive composed of cerate, Armenian bole, white of egg, oil, and vinegar.
Lately, focus has turned to conversion coating that contains no chromium [12, 19, 20], such as phosphate [21, 22], phosphate-permanganate [23-25], stannate [26, 27], vanadate [28, 29], cerate [27, 30], lanthanite [31], and LDHs surface coatings [32-36].
Behind every dribble-inducing professional food snap you see is a stylist, and food photographer Kirstie Young and food stylist Genevieve Taylor will show you how to cerate gorgeous foody pics.
Consequently, extensive research effort has been devoted to measuring the ionic conductivity of nanostructured ionic conductors, in particular, the nanostructured protonic conductors such as doped barium zirconate and cerate perovskites [14, 15].
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It flashes coulour-changing lights to cerate a rave in your room, and with built-in Bluetooth you can music or take calls via your phone or device.
Growth goes from strength to strength each year Clearly these are two issues which policymakers still need to get to grip with if support is to be provided to those firms that cerate wealth and employment in the economy.
| R Smith, conversion and raising of roof of former coal yard building to cerate residential house, demolition of shed building, former Coal Yard, Kirk Bridge Lane, New Mill.
Summary: Barium cerate and its zinc doped series, BaCe1-xZnxO3 with 0.02 = x = 0.16, were synthesized using ammonia as a co-precipitant.
It (Hanging) should not have done, it will cerate a lot of problem in the valley.
Blood bank should cerate awareness among doctors about component use and should also create awareness in general public that it is very essential to donate blood and it does not do any harm to the donor, the doctor said.