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Noun1.ceratin - a fibrous scleroprotein that occurs in the outer layer of the skin and in horny tissues such as hair, feathers, nails, and hooves
feather, plumage, plume - the light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds
hair - a covering for the body (or parts of it) consisting of a dense growth of threadlike structures (as on the human head); helps to prevent heat loss; "he combed his hair"; "each hair consists of layers of dead keratinized cells"
horn - the material (mostly keratin) that covers the horns of ungulates and forms hooves and claws and nails
albuminoid, scleroprotein - a simple protein found in horny and cartilaginous tissues and in the lens of the eye
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According to the Skymet, Delhi and NCR region will receive moderate rainfall today due to ceratin weather activities.
The Police Regional Office 3 (PRO3) reported the killing of Jessie Vasquez, alias "Gapo," 41; Benjamin Sarmiento, aliases "Pogi" and "Ceratin," included in the Barangay Drug Watch List of Balayong, Malolos City; an alias "Pilay" and Jeffrey S.
If he delivers a quick knockout over Vargas on Saturday (Sunday in Manila), Roach is ceratin his legion of fans and the adoring throng wll be back.
"I'm not really ceratin what I want as a career but working with the charities is helping and I'm able to give something back.
From ceratin angles, it seems like the characters in the painting are emerging from the wall and the others sinking into the pavement," she said.
Denying the allegations of self-projection by ceratin quarters, Ayesha Mumtaz said that her drive was not against the hotel or restaurant industry only, but the entire food industry was the subject.
Our first forum, The US Military in Africa, features two articles with contrary perspectives regarding how effective US security assistance in ceratin areas can be.
Rowett took Robert Tesche off at half time and introduced the extra dynamism of David Davis "Robert looked very tired, I thought he looked tired in the last couple of games in ceratin spells.
It was through these subjects that I came to ceratin contentious issues such as if there is a God, whether God is relevant and what is suffering.
These included demolition of walls raised at plot number 31,N-P8, Napier Quarters, Saddar Town; unauthorised shops built on the ground floor of a residential building in Clifton block four; structure violating SBCA requirement of ceratin open space on number plot number 343 in Liaqutabad Town.