cerebellar hemisphere

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Noun1.cerebellar hemisphere - either of two lateral lobes of the cerebellum
neural structure - a structure that is part of the nervous system
cerebellum - a major division of the vertebrate brain; situated above the medulla oblongata and beneath the cerebrum in humans
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Magnetic resonance imaging on brain suggested an occupied lesion on the left cerebellar hemisphere with the size of 1.9 cm x 1.9 cm x 2.6 cm and considered a meningioma, then, the patient was performed left cerebellar meningioma resection, and pathology showed the fibrous meningioma (WHO Class I).
To our surprise, he was found to have a single extra-axial T1 hypo/T2 hyperintense lesion (2*4.5*2.5 cm) leaning on the left cerebellar hemisphere with a displacement of straight sinus right laterally.
The cranial MRI displayed a weak residual hyperintensity in the right cerebellar hemisphere, probably as a residual indicator of the cerebellar bihemispheric hyperintensities described in the previous external MRI (Figure 1(b)).
Crossed cerebellar diaschisis (CCD) is a decrease of regional blood flow and glucose metabolism in the cerebellar hemisphere contralateral to the affected brain hemisphere as a common consequence of a supratentorial cerebral malfunction [1-3].
In May 2016 he had an attack with vertigo and ataxia, and he had new contrast enhancing lesions in the left cerebral hemisphere and the right cerebellar hemisphere in September 2016.
Study Author Age Location (1) Cervoni 71 R cerebellar hemisphere (2) Cervoni 67 L cerebellar hemisphere (3) Jaiswal 65 Vermis (4) Huppmann 65 R cerebellar hemisphere (5) Yong 71 4th ventricle (6) Kepes 73 R cerebellar hemisphere (7) Ramsay 66 Cerebellar hemisphere (8) Ramsay 65 Cerebellar hemisphere (9) Liang 72 R cerebellar hemisphere (10) Sajko 62 R superior cerebellar peduncle (11) Aljoghaiman 51 R middle cerebellar peduncle + (current case) superior vermis Study Pathology (1) Not specified (2) Not specified (3) Medulloblastoma with glial differentiation (4) Classic subtype (5) Classic subtype (6) Classic subtype (7) Classic subtype (8) Desmoplastic subtype (9) Classic subtype (10) Desmoplastic subtype (11) Classic subtype (SHH subgroup)
In a first work, Hoffland and coworkers [16] demonstrated that cTBS, when applied on the right cerebellar hemisphere before EBCC, was able to interfere with the acquisition of conditioned responses (CRs) tested just after conditioning, although retention, reacquisition, and extinction of CR was not affected after one week.
In the cranial CT scan, a soft tissue density completely obliterating the left middle ear cavity and mastoid cells was observed and at this level, a bone defect in the posterior and superior walls of the mastoid bone and a lesion (35 x 33 x 34 mm) pushing the 4th ventricle in the left cerebellar hemisphere were detected.
The cerebellum is involved in this potentiation since removal of the cerebellar hemisphere impairs this short-term potentiation [27].