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 (sĕr′ə-brə, sə-rē′brə)
A plural of cerebrum.
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For George, though you would not have suspected it from his exterior, was one of those in whose cerebra the grey matter splashes restlessly about, producing strong curtains and crisp dialogue.
Cerebra's new products, Cerebra Workbench and Cerebra Repository, are already in production at customer sites to manage complex product portfolios for financial reporting and portfolio pricing programs across multiple channels and business functions.
The event brought together more than 200 attendees from government departments, partners and suppliers to engage with leading vendors Cerebra, Adobe and Metamatrix, along with CapGemini and the W3C.
Pollock, VP of Technology at Cerebra, and Ralph Hodgson, co-founder of TopQuadrant, a consulting firm specializing in semantic technology services.
The Cerebra name serves to reinforce the brand recognition built around the company's popular products.
John Kelly, CEO of Network Inference, said, "Network Inference's Cerebra products are based principally on Ian's research and the standards he was instrumental in developing.
Construction has been started by Cerebra Integrated Technologies on its E-waste recycling facility at Narsapura, Bangalore.
Canon Middle East and regional distributor Cerebra Middle East FZCO have signed a distribution agreement for the UAE.
Fundraising activities include children's inflatables, a silent auction and Cerebra raffle, plus PS2 from every admission ticket sold being donated to the charity.
The award was presented by charity Cerebra which aims to improve the lives of children and young people with neurological conditions and brain injury through research and direct, ongoing support.