cerebral peduncle

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Noun1.cerebral peduncle - a bundle of myelinated neurons joining different parts of the brain
nerve pathway, nerve tract, pathway, tract - a bundle of myelinated nerve fibers following a path through the brain
forebrain, prosencephalon - the anterior portion of the brain; the part of the brain that develops from the anterior part of the neural tube
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The HIAs were measured twice, at the level of the cerebral peduncle (CP) and the level of the superior cerebellar peduncle (SCP).
It showed T2 and flair hyperintense signal involving the left middle cerebral peduncle and vermis and in the right cerebellar hemisphere medial aspect.
However, cerebral peduncle lesions in such cases were accompanied with infarctions in other regions such as pons, cerebellum, and other posterior cerebral artery (PCA) territories.
In this group, abnormal high-T2 signals were detected in the corpus callosum (mainly in the splenium), basal ganglia, and dorsal brain stem in all six patients, in the thalamus of five patients (83.3%), and in the cerebral peduncle of five patients (83.3%).
Additionally, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain showed small left cerebral hemisphere with prominent sulci and Sylvian fissure, enlargement of left-sided frontal sinus, elevation of left petrous ridge, and hypoplasia of left-sided cerebral peduncle [Figure 2 and 3].
Other than typical localizations, sporadic cases exist involving demyelinated plaques in the cervical spinal cord, midbrain, medulla, internal capsule, and cerebral peduncle, even cases of MS not explainable by anatomical evidence have been reported (6,7).
The P2A begins at the PComA and its way between the peduncle and uncus; the P2P begins at the posterior edge of the cerebral peduncle at the junction of the crural and ambient cistern [1].

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