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 (sĕr′ə-brəl, sə-rē′-)
1. Of or relating to the brain or cerebrum.
2. Appealing to or requiring the use of the intellect; intellectual rather than emotional: "His approach is cerebral, analytical, cautious" (Helen Dewar).

cer·e′bral·ly adv.
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Adv.1.cerebrally - in an intellectual manner; "cerebrally active"
2.cerebrally - in the brain; "bleeding cerebrally"
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You asseverated on issues cerebrally, once upon a time,' the Twitter user added.
It is, to our misfortune, the cerebrally challenged, incompetent, myopic and untrustworthy mainparty politicians who are the cowards and betraying us all.
"We suggest observers, especially those in foreign countries, to understand fully the Philippine government's strategy in dealing with illegal drugs before being persuaded by one-sided information and crafting unwise if not cerebrally challenged commentaries based thereon," he said.
Vivien disables Merlin physically and cerebrally, turning her face back towards her quarry, her eyes glittering and the muscles of her neck strikingly exposed.
Members were encouraged to wear a hat and we had cream scones and strawberries and also we were cerebrally challenged with a holiday destination quiz.
Fourteen macaques were cerebrally and orally exposed to brain matter from CWD-positive deer and elk.
Like personal snapshots of the past, contributions to the three volumes of memoirs represent partial images that have yet to be cerebrally sorted or to take definitive shape in larger, multifaceted narratives of a period as a whole.
We have in him a quintessentially sane, focused and cerebrally balanced young man that has the control and respect of his colleagues.
We suffered a design gremlin on last week's Cerebrally Crust & Crema puzzle page.
An elderly friend who has seen it all predicted May would find her Falklands, and believes the Salisbury attack was staged to prepare us, for her to help Trump play John Wayne and to try to take our minds off the fact one of them is cerebrally challenged and the other desperate and inept, with both morally bankrupt.
But then, I write to take my own pulse, check my own compass, politically-correct editors and cerebrally lazy readers be damned.