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 (sĕr′ə-brə-sīd′, sə-rē′-)
Any of various lipid compounds that contain glucose or both galactose and glucose and are found in the brain and other nerve tissue.

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(Biochemistry) biochem any glycolipid in which N-acyl sphingosine is combined with glucose or galactose: occurs in the myelin sheaths of nerves
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(səˈri brəˌsaɪd, ˈsɛr ə-)

any of a class of glycolipids that occur in the myelin sheath of cerebrospinal neurons.
[1883; < Latin cerebr(um) brain + -ose2 + -ide]
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Using petroleum ether to extract an antimicrobial cerebroside from the liposoluble constituent of cervus nippon antler velvet layer was studied in this paper.
Constituents of GB that have biological effect are zeaxanthin, rutin, betaine, cerebroside, [beta]-sitosterol, flavonoids, amino acids, minerals, vitamins (in particular, riboflavin, thiamin, and ascorbic acid), and quercetin in addition to other phenolic compounds [21,22].
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Galactose is an important constituent of cerebroside that can promote brain development in infants.
Phytochemical studies of EB have revealed the presence of various compounds like coumarin, [beta]-sitosterol, cerebroside, ceramide and quercetin 3-o-rutinoside.
developed microarrays of lipids present in the myelin sheath, including ganglioside, sulfatide, cerebroside, sphingomyelin, and total brain lipid fractions (13).