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Noun1.ceremonial dance - a dance that is part of a religious ritualceremonial dance - a dance that is part of a religious ritual
dancing, terpsichore, dance, saltation - taking a series of rhythmical steps (and movements) in time to music
apache devil dance - a ritual dance of the Apache
dance of death, danse macabre - a medieval dance in which a skeleton representing death leads a procession of others to the grave
ghost dance - a religious dance of Native Americans looking for communication with the dead
pyrrhic - an ancient Greek dance imitating the motions of warfare
rain dance - a ritual dance intended to bring rain
snake dance - a ceremonial dance (as by the Hopi) in which snakes are handled or invoked
sun dance - a ceremonial dance performed by Amerindians at the summer solstice
war dance - a ceremonial dance performed before a battle or after a victory
ritual, rite - any customary observance or practice
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Finally the pair descend to the beginning of the Reed Festival, where Nothando is ready to dance joyously in her first ceremonial dance.
Other than at school, there will be few of us who have ever performed this spring ceremonial dance, but it sums up this special holiday nonetheless.
Cawte, 'Correspondence on "A Geographical Index of the Ceremonial Dance in Great Britain'", FMJ, 9.
The mini fashion show had models carrying samples of Sandico's products and performing a traditional ceremonial dance clad in her famed wraps.
The former production, previewed this past fall at Los Angeles's REDCAT before it premiered in December in Belgium, combines oratory, choral music, ceremonial dance and aggressive lighting design (including a harsh beam that shines for an extended time into the audience's eyes) and features an ensemble of 10 Maori women drawing on their culture's chants and rituals to comment on the state of the world.
The Barong dance is a sacred ceremonial dance that follows a basic series of stages.
The play is about women growing up in India and there's a village scene involving a ceremonial dance with a chicken.
After two days of ceremonial dance, fire rituals and celebration, the Scottish teacher had become the first white man to be initiated into an Aboriginal tribe.
Having danced the chicken dance for more than 40 years, Deerfoot has watched it grow from being a ceremonial dance to being performed in powwows.
Lamas of Pemayangtse Monastery dressed for a ceremonial dance, Sikkim, east India, 1905.
Teters, a graduate student recruited by the University of Illinois Art Department, brought her two children to a Fighting Illini basketball game where a student dressed as Chief Illiniwek performed a pre-game purported ceremonial dance to raise the team's spirit and entertain the fans.
My understanding for the reason behind the WRU request to change 100 years of tradition was because 'Wales' wanted the national anthem, Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, to act as an official response to the ceremonial dance.