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Noun1.ceremonial occasion - a formal event performed on a special occasionceremonial occasion - a formal event performed on a special occasion; "a ceremony commemorating Pearl Harbor"
social function, social occasion, occasion, affair, function - a vaguely specified social event; "the party was quite an affair"; "an occasion arranged to honor the president"; "a seemingly endless round of social functions"
circumstance - formal ceremony about important occasions; "pomp and circumstance"
funeral - a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated; "hundreds of people attended his funeral"
hymeneals, nuptials, wedding, wedding ceremony - the social event at which the ceremony of marriage is performed
pageantry, pageant - a rich and spectacular ceremony
dedication - a ceremony in which something (as a building) is dedicated to some goal or purpose
opening - a ceremony accompanying the start of some enterprise
commemoration, memorialisation, memorialization - a ceremony to honor the memory of someone or something
military ceremony - a formal ceremony performed by military personnel
induction, initiation, installation - a formal entry into an organization or position or office; "his initiation into the club"; "he was ordered to report for induction into the army"; "he gave a speech as part of his installation into the hall of fame"
exercise - (usually plural) a ceremony that involves processions and speeches; "academic exercises"
fire walking - the ceremony of walking barefoot over hot stones or a bed of embers
formalities, formality - a requirement of etiquette or custom; "a mere formality"
Maundy - a public ceremony on Maundy Thursday when the monarch distributes Maundy money
potlatch - a ceremonial feast held by some Indians of the northwestern coast of North America (as in celebrating a marriage or a new accession) in which the host gives gifts to tribesmen and others to display his superior wealth (sometimes, formerly, to his own impoverishment)
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ETIOLATE A Ceremonial occasion B To make pale C Concerning nations who am I?
We look to share the international Olympic community its efforts in promoting the principles of Olympism and the noble human values, where this ceremonial occasion has occupies an important part in our annual agenda," added Askar.
GENTLE READER: "Who he is'' is someone who understands that the choice of clothing constitutes a symbolic system -- but who is willing to use it only to broadcast himself, even at the cost of symbolizing disrespect for others and for a ceremonial occasion.
It is not merely a ceremonial occasion to be celebrated by donning colourful robes.
At the ceremonial occasion of signing, Hamad Al-Jamali QNB's Acting AGM for SME said, "We are very pleased that QBC has joined our equipment finance program.
As Procedure Alpha is a full ceremonial occasion all members of the Royal Navy have to follow uniform regulations; unfortunately this does not allow for non-regulation ribbons to be worn.
Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for a Zionist soldier, Gilad Schalit Yesterday the ceremonial occasion commemorating the exchange of prisoners occurred between Islamic Resistance of Palestine (Hamas) and the forces of Zionist regime through Egyptian intermediation.
With this, the defenders abused this ceremonial occasion to accuse VMRO-DPMNE's Government and PM Nikola Gruevski of the history's revision.
Celebrations will conclude with a flypast from RAF Leuchar and a Beating Retreat - a long-standing military tradition which marks the end of a ceremonial occasion.
Failure to wear any one of these on a ceremonial occasion could possibly be seen as an insult to the country which awarded the honour.
It's like going on stage: exciting,'' 80-year-old Dorothy Delmonte said, smiling as she made her grand entrance through the back door to attend the ceremonial occasion that marks the time when a young person traditionally is recognized as an adult in the Jewish community.
Deference and noblesse oblige are also forms of social interaction; so the real question is whether Gould's sample indicates the presence of real relationships cutting across class boundaries, as opposed to transitory crossings of social paths appropriate only to this ceremonial occasion.