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A material consisting of processed ceramic particles bonded with metal and used in high-strength and high-temperature applications. Also called ceramal.


(Metallurgy) any of several materials consisting of a metal matrix with ceramic particles disseminated through it. They are hard and resistant to high temperatures. Also called: ceramal
[C20: from cer(amic) + met(al)]


(ˈsɜr mɛt)

a durable, heat-resistant alloy formed by compacting and sintering a metal and a ceramic substance.
[1950–55; cer (amic) + met (al)]
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Para la mezcla, nombrada CERMET 1, se usaron polvos de WC y cobalto, en la Figura 2 se muestra la distribucion de tamano de particula de los polvos empleados para la fabricacion de la aleacion.
To fabricate the inward gradient lubricating layer, the porous cermet, which was soaked in the [B.
Because machined material is very "soft" there was chosen cermet as cutting material.
Cermet is an amalgum of ceramic and metal, which comprises titanium carbide and titanium carbonitride cemented with a metal binder, to provide resistance to wear and toughness for the metal.
Cermet filling has been prepared under the supervision of Dr.
What material (carbide, cermet, stellite) will be ground?
both of Euclid, Ohio, have improved on this technology by engineering their PComP Nanocomposite Cermet Coatings down to the nanoscale to form a hierarchical structure.
Development of Ni-YSZ cermet anode for solid oxide fuel cells by electroless Ni coating--Ranjit Bauri
004" thickness of tungsten carbide/cobalt, which protects the blades up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, or alternatively a chromium carbide cermet coating, can be applied and the blades are protected at temperatures of up to 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit.
com)-- World's Best saw blades are produced with an exceptional Cermet II saw tip which provides for a better cut, with faster feed rates and the ability to stay sharp for a longer period of time.