(sûr′tēz, sûrts)
adv. Archaic
Certainly; truly.

[Middle English, from Old French (a) certes, perhaps from Latin ad certās or from Vulgar Latin *certānus, both from Latin certus, certain; see certain.]


archaic with certainty; truly
[C13: from Old French, ultimately from Latin certus certain]


(ˈsɜr tiz)

adv. Archaic.
certainly; in truth.
[1200–50; Middle English < Old French phrase a certes < Latin *ā certīs, literally, from sure (things); see a-4, certain]
References in classic literature ?
Certes, you constrain me to sit down, since you enter upon such commonplace terms, of which each vile crowder hath a stock that might last from hence to Christmas.
But, certes, Robin was anything but a hunter this bright morning as he walked along with head drooping in a most love-lorn way.
And, certes, had the two visages alone been seen, and the stranger been asked which were the more likely to belong to the bold warrior whose name was loved by the roughest soldiery of Europe, he had assuredly selected the lady's.
A l'egal de toute revolution, celle de la Tunisie a fait naitre d'immenses espoirs, certes de liberte, mais aussi et surtout de vie digne, de lendemains meilleurs, en termes d'emploi, de bien-etre, de developpement pour les regions de l'interieur et de justice sociale.
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Une mission qui s'annonce certes difficile mais pas du tout impossible pour les coequipieres de Zerrouki qui ont ete, faut-il le souligner, piegees vendredi dernier au stade Bologhine en concedant le nul (2-2) contre toute attente.
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Certes au niveau de la gestion des dechets ou au niveau de la protection de l'environnement beaucoup reste a faire.
Les institutions universitaires tunisiennes, y figurent certes, mais presqu'a la derniere place du Top 100.