(sûr′tēz, sûrts)
adv. Archaic
Certainly; truly.

[Middle English, from Old French (a) certes, perhaps from Latin ad certās or from Vulgar Latin *certānus, both from Latin certus, certain; see certain.]


archaic with certainty; truly
[C13: from Old French, ultimately from Latin certus certain]


(ˈsɜr tiz)

adv. Archaic.
certainly; in truth.
[1200–50; Middle English < Old French phrase a certes < Latin *ā certīs, literally, from sure (things); see a-4, certain]
References in classic literature ?
Certes, you constrain me to sit down, since you enter upon such commonplace terms, of which each vile crowder hath a stock that might last from hence to Christmas.''
But, certes, Robin was anything but a hunter this bright morning as he walked along with head drooping in a most love-lorn way.
"Certes, Stephen Hapgood, his wisdom doth not suffice," cried the other.
And, certes, had the two visages alone been seen, and the stranger been asked which were the more likely to belong to the bold warrior whose name was loved by the roughest soldiery of Europe, he had assuredly selected the lady's.
"Certes, these fellows will all either be imprisoned or hanged," thought the terrified D'Artagnan, "and I, no doubt, with them; for from the moment I have either listened to or heard them, I shall be held as an accomplice.
Certes, he was already quite a king, and it was a great thing to be a king in that period of traditional devotedness and respect; but as, up to that time, he had been but seldom and always poorly shown to the people, as they to whom he was shown saw him by the side of his mother, a tall woman, and monsieur le cardinal, a man of commanding presence, many found him so little of a king as to say, --
La ville de Taroudante, qui a ete dernierement remise sur le devant de la scene mediatique, en raison d'une polemique suscitee autour d'une action de proximite, est aujourd'hui endeuillee a cause, certes, d'une colere de la nature, mais aggravee par une mauvaise mise en application de la politique de proximite.
On avait donc besoin de reformes et de grandes mesures qui etaient certes douloureuses mais qui commencent a donner leurs fruits :
Il a rassure que l'administration l'accompagnera dans ses nouvelles missions, indiquant que ce jour etait certes a la fete mais au recueillement a cause du deces du grand imam de Bondoukou, El Hadj Timite Kolonga Mohamed, survenu le 3 aout, a Abidjan, des suites d'une longue maladie.
Certes, le FMI ouvre la voie a d'autres decaissements qui attendaient que nous acceptions de nous comporter desormais en adultes.
Developed by United Management in conjunction with Certes Partners, Dahlia is a result of architects and designers including CetraRuddy Architecture, RKTB Architects, and JRM.
Certes, aujourd'hui, il ne fonctionne qu'avec les commandes publiques mais le Groupe a mis en oeuvre un plan de developpement et de modernisation pour recuperer de grosses parts de marche.