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1. A document establishing the authenticity of certain details of an item, event, or transaction: a certificate of birth.
2. A document issued to a person completing a course of study not leading to a diploma.
3. A document certifying that a person may officially practice in certain professions.
4. A document certifying ownership.
tr.v. (-kāt′) cer·tif·i·cat·ed, cer·tif·i·cat·ing, cer·tif·i·cates
To furnish with, testify to, or authorize by a certificate.

[Middle English certificat, from Old French, from Medieval Latin certificātum, something certified, from neuter of Late Latin certificātus, past participle of certificāre, to certify; see certify.]

cer·tif′i·ca·to′ry (-kə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Adj.1.certificatory - serving to certify or endorse authoritatively
supportive - furnishing support or assistance; "a supportive family network"; "his family was supportive of his attempts to be a writer"
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