certified mail

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Certified Mail

A trademark for a mail service that provides proof of delivery to senders.

cer′tified mail′

uninsured first-class mail requiring proof of delivery.
doporučená zásilka
anbefalet forsendelse
kirjattu postilähetys
preporučena pošiljka
배달 증명 우편
rekommenderad försändelse
dịch vụ thư bảo đảm

certified mail

بِعِلْمِ الوُصُول doporučená zásilka anbefalet forsendelse Einschreiben αποστολή συστημένου entrega con acuse de recibo kirjattu postilähetys en recommandé preporučena pošiljka raccomandata 簡易書留 배달 증명 우편 aangetekende brief registrert leveranse przesyłka polecona entrega registada, entrega registrada доставка заказной корреспонденции rekommenderad försändelse การส่งแบบลงทะเบียน iadeli taahhütlü dịch vụ thư bảo đảm 挂号邮寄
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Walz Group is the provider of regulatory compliance solutions, critical document management and USPS Certified Mail for over 3,000 US financial institutions, mortgage servicers, vehicle finance companies, foreclosure attorneys/trustees, law firms, insurance companies and other highly regulated industries.
The IRS has previously extended this treatment to certified mail under the authority of Sec.
Boca Raton, Fl, a leading provider of Certified Mail solutions, announces the company's latest generation of its Web Certified Mail and Postmaster Plus Certified Mail programs are now available.
For example, it is often considered standard practice to require the use of certified mail in a deal.
Send the letter by certified mail or with a return receipt request.
Send copies of all complaints by certified mail to your landlord.
In a letter dated July 16, 2004, and sent certified mail to file state's mixed C&D recyclers, the director of the DES' Waste Management Division wrote: "This is to inform you that in order to better protect human health and the environment from exposure to hydrogen sulfide gas, the [DES] will no longer allow the co-disposal of fines from the processing of construction and demolition debris (C&D) with municipal solid waste (MSW).
Yet as the Patriot-News editorialized on November 9, "the return of certified mail unopened should have triggered a personal visit by a tax official to establish that the notice of a tax sale had been received and that the owner understood the consequences, as well as the avenues of appeal and assistance.
The documents that go to the Secretary of State's office should be hand delivered to the Sacramento office or sent via certified mail, with return receipt required.
There are features and options available both in hardware and software we couldn't have dreamt of when the college first got the machine,'' said Bob Belz, a certified mail and distributions services manager and president of Time Critical Communications.
The journalists then sent their questions by certified mail.
The return receipt indicating that certified mail was properly addressed to the last known address of the general contractor and the owners and deposited in the U.

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