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Azure; sky-blue.

[From Latin caeruleus, dark blue; akin to caelum, sky.]


(sɪˈruːlɪən) ,




a. a deep blue colour; azure
b. (as adjective): a cerulean sea.
[C17: from Latin caeruleus, probably from caelum sky]


(səˈru li ən)

adj., n.
deep blue; sky blue; azure.
[1660–70; < Latin caerule(us) dark blue (akin to caelum sky) + -an1]
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Noun1.cerulean - a light shade of blue
blue, blueness - blue color or pigment; resembling the color of the clear sky in the daytime; "he had eyes of bright blue"
Adj.1.cerulean - of a deep somewhat purplish blue color similar to that of a clear October skycerulean - of a deep somewhat purplish blue color similar to that of a clear October sky; "October's bright blue weather"
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
References in classic literature ?
The cut of this gentleman's mustache, with the two premature wrinkles in the cheek above it, and the fashion of his garments, in which an exposed shirt-front and a cerulean cravat played perhaps an obtrusive part, completed the conditions of his identity.
The moon, rising behind the rocks, unrolled a silver sheet on the cerulean carpet of the sea.
The street that they were following suddenly opened upon a wide avenue, and before them spread a broad and beautiful lagoon, the quiet surface of which mirrored the clear cerulean of the sky.
Like the rest of our waters, when much agitated, in clear weather, so that the surface of the waves may reflect the sky at the right angle, or because there is more light mixed with it, it appears at a little distance of a darker blue than the sky itself; and at such a time, being on its surface, and looking with divided vision, so as to see the reflection, I have discerned a matchless and indescribable light blue, such as watered or changeable silks and sword blades suggest, more cerulean than the sky itself, alternating with the original dark green on the opposite sides of the waves, which last appeared but muddy in comparison.
Looking round him, he there beheld a signboard on which the painter's art had delineated something remotely resembling a cerulean elephant with an aquiline nose in lieu of trunk.
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