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 (sə-ro͞os′, sîr′o͞os′)
A white lead pigment, sometimes used in cosmetics.
tr.v. ce·rused, ce·rus·ing, ce·rus·es
To treat (wood or a wooden object) with a white pigment to accentuate the grain.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin cērussa, perhaps from dialectal Greek *kēroessa, from feminine of *kēroeis, containing wax, waxy, from kēros, wax (ancient cosmetics being made from wax and pigments).]
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Handcrafted furnishings made from rare Japanese tamo ash, cerused oak and bespoke fabrics add to the sleek monochromatic style.
In-residence washer/dryer, wide-planked cerused oak flooring.
The compact, well-equipped open-concept kitchen is expensively dressed with cerused and quarter-sawn white oak cabinetry, slab marble countertops, a full complement of high-quality appliances and a convenient laundry closet.
Caption: Theodore Alexander: The Tropic table lamp from Theodore Alexander has a handcarved cerused oak leaf base and a slate pyramid base.
The hotel will also house a real steakhouse, The Prime, with deeply cerused oak, mission-style furniture and floor-to-ceiling customised wine display walls.
I love hardwood floors in deep browns and ebonies, or cerused finishes with interesting borders.