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 (sə-ro͞os′, sîr′o͞os′)
A white lead pigment, sometimes used in cosmetics.
tr.v. ce·rused, ce·rus·ing, ce·rus·es
To treat (wood or a wooden object) with a white pigment to accentuate the grain.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin cērussa, perhaps from dialectal Greek *kēroessa, from feminine of *kēroeis, containing wax, waxy, from kēros, wax (ancient cosmetics being made from wax and pigments).]
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With Black Forest Marble and Cerused Greige finishes and elegant furniture design, the beauty of the Linea Entertainment Console was unveiled.
The only new construction rental development being introduced this year in the Financial District,, the tower has 483 studios to two-bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, cerused oak flooring and natural interiors.
Bungalow 5 introduced the James Chair, upholstered in oatmeal-colored linen paired with a cerused wood frame.
Handcrafted furnishings made from rare Japanese tamo ash, cerused oak and bespoke fabrics add to the sleek monochromatic style.
The compact, well-equipped open-concept kitchen is expensively dressed with cerused and quarter-sawn white oak cabinetry, slab marble countertops, a full complement of high-quality appliances and a convenient laundry closet.
The hotel will also house a real steakhouse, The Prime, with deeply cerused oak, mission-style furniture and floor-to-ceiling customised wine display walls.
I love hardwood floors in deep browns and ebonies, or cerused finishes with interesting borders.
Linea square cocktail table finished with Cerused Charcoal
Washer and dryer, wide-planked cerused oak flooring, Casesar-Stone countertops, and lacquer kitchen cabinetry by the Italian.
Caption: Theodore Alexander: The Tropic table lamp from Theodore Alexander has a handcarved cerused oak leaf base and a slate pyramid base.
The collection's uniqueness starts with white oak veneers that have been wire brushed and given a powder glazing underneath the dark brown Arabica finish creating a cerused effect that is complemented by additional spattering and cowtailing.
Designed by Rockwell Group, the residence has a washer and dryer, wide-planked cerused oak flooring, CasesarStone Countertops, and lacquer kitchen cabinetry by the Italian design studio, Boffi.