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All diagnoses of CIN 2/3 in this study refer to histopathologic interpretations of surgical pathology specimens, including cervical biopsies, endocervical curettage specimens, and/or diagnostic, excisional procedures using loop electrosurgical excision procedures or cold knife cervical conization.
a Beaumont obstetrician/gynecologist, created a surgical instrument for obtaining tissue samples during cervical conization.
Her OB/GYN recommended a cervical conization as both a diagnostic tool and a treatment for the abnormal cells.
TORONTO -- Women who undergo cervical conization for the treatment of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia may benefit from delaying conception for about a year to reduce their risk of preterm birth, Dr.
Cervical conization and radical transabdominal cervicectomy are two techniques that can be performed to preserve the uterus.
A patient with an HSIL+ Pap test result but a negative cervical biopsy finding is usually scheduled for a loop electrocautery excisional procedure or cervical conization, which could be avoided if the Pap test result was reinterpreted as NILM.
Moreover, sample quality was similar for both methods when compared with pathology results in 41 patients who underwent cervical conization, she reported.
All diagnoses of SCC in this study were established by histopathologic examinations, including endocervical curettage, cervical biopsy, and/or diagnostic excisional procedures by loop electrosurgical excision procedures or cold knife cervical conization.
Histopathologic follow-up included endocervical curettage, cervical biopsy, cervical conization by loop electrosurgical excision procedure, or cold knife conization.