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1. Relating to, resembling, or characteristic of deer.
2. Of or belonging to the family Cervidae, which includes the deer, moose, and elk.

[Latin cervīnus, from cervus, deer; see ker- in Indo-European roots.]
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1. (Zoology) resembling or relating to a deer
2. (Colours) of a dark yellowish-brown colour
[C19: from Latin cervīnus, from cervus a deer]
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(ˈsɜr vaɪn, -vɪn)

1. deerlike.
2. of deer or the deer family.
[1825–35; < Latin cervīnus=cerv(us) deer + -īnus -ine1]
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Adj.1.cervine - relating to or resembling deer
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Sterba has documented the far-fetched approaches some communities are taking to deal with their whitetail worries, like spending more than $1,000 per animal on sterilization programs on Staten Island or shelling out about a third of that to bring in sharpshooters to cull herds from Illinois to Connecticut--often to little effect, given the uphill biological battle against cervine fecundity.
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Following the attack, Harry goes feral, and begins what appears to some to be a cervine existence of living and foraging in the park.
proposed a split-step Fourier echo imaging method to process the signals measured by axial scanning and image the oblique cracks in the cervine long bone plate, which illustrates the potential of better resolution for ultrasound imaging [16].
The 'thrust of thorn' carries traces of the 'honest thrust' of the 'horns' of the poem's deer so that the prickly barb is shadowed by cervine weaponry (VII, 11.13-16).
ubiquitum, previously known as the cervine genotype, has been emerging as another major zoonotic species that infects persons.
Poetry 2013 helps us come to terms with a world turned upside down, as well as our own "Minor Collisions." We end on a bucolic note, sheltering in a storm cellar, rolling in the hay, and attending the birth of Dane Cervine's Grand Prize-winning "Blue Horse."
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A metaphor-literalizing dramatic thread runs through a feature otherwise dominated by the writer-producer's direct-to-camera narration, input from the usual experts, and infomercial-style visuals slickly handled by helmer Scott Cervine. Aiming for auds who made "What the #$*!
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