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A colorless liquid, C16H34, used as a solvent and as a performance standard for diesel fuels.

[Latin cētus, whale (so called because it is found in sperm whale oil); see Cetus + -ane.]


(Elements & Compounds) a colourless insoluble liquid alkane hydrocarbon used in the determination of the cetane number of diesel fuel. Formula: C16H34. Also called: hexadecane
[C19: from Latin cētus whale + -ane, so called because related compounds are found in sperm whale oil]


(ˈsi teɪn)

a colorless, liquid hydrocarbon, the alkane C16H34, used as a solvent.
[1930–35; cet(yl) (cetyl alcohol) + -ane]
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It cleans diesel injector deposits across a range of injector technologies and comes with Cetane Improver.
Tenders are invited for Jc18qcs070 amc for cetane and mon cfr engines.
Independent lab certified to reduce Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) by 20% and overall emissions by 21% and has been shown to deliver an average Cetane rating over 52 when added to regular diesel fuel at fill up, Dynamo[TM] Diesel Cetane Booster also improves engine performance, power, and increases miles per gallon along with improving cold flow, increasing lubricity and cleaning fuel injectors.
The upgraded PNS/DOE QS 013:2017: CME-blended industrial diesel oil specifications include introduction of cetane number or derived cetane number as new property, removal of distillation property, reduction in the limit of carbon residue, increase the limits of density, flash point and kinematic viscosity and updating of test method.
Also, soot emissions decrease with decreasing cetane number [1] due to more homogeneous mixture formation as a result of increased pre-mixed combustion.
Nano sized zinc oxide particles in the diesel fuel improves cetane number of the fuel and improves the low temperature combustion [12, 14].
8% pure distilled biodiesel has superior performance over the regular biodiesel, including a high cetane rating of 66-68 compared to the regular biodiesel cetane rating of about 51.
Real-Time Analyzer's Portable Fuel Quality Analyzer (PFQA) determines the following physical and chemical properties for diesel, gasoline and jet fuels in 10 sec: cetane index, cloud point, density, distillation values (0, 50, 90 and 100%), flash point, freezing point, octane (AKI), pour point and viscosity; as well as aromatics, BTEX, biodiesel, ethanol, FSII, MTBE, naphthenes, olefins, saturates and sulfur.
Honeywell claims that the fuel offers improved performance over biodiesel and petroleum-based diesel, including a higher cetane value compared with the cetane range of 40 to 60 found in diesel at the pump today.
Cynar has developed an effective process that converts mixed waste plastics into synthetic fuels that are cleaner, lower in sulfur, and in the case of diesel, higher in cetane than generic diesel fuel.
It has a cetane number of 55, compared with 40 to 53 for diesel fuel Burning it yews low emissions of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, and no soot or particulates.
This reduction was caused by factors such as higher levels of oxygen, higher cetane number and lower levels of aromatic carbohydrates and sulphur compounds.