ceteris paribus

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ce·ter·is par·i·bus

 (kā′tər-ĭs păr′ə-bəs)
adv. Abbr. cet. par.
With all other factors or things remaining the same.

[New Latin cēterīs paribus, with other things equal : Latin cēterīs, ablative pl. of cēterus, the other, the rest + Latin paribus, ablative pl. of pār, equal.]

ceteris paribus

(ˈkɛtərɪs ˈpɑːrɪbʊs)
other things being equal
[C17: Latin]
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Adv.1.ceteris paribus - all other things being equal
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That the extent of a poetical work is, ceteris paribus, the measure of its merit, seems undoubtedly, when we thus state it, a proposition sufficiently absurd -- yet we are indebted for it to the Quarterly Reviews.
Lacking a robust conception of properties, his proposed sufficient condition for event causation in terms of explanation (basically ceteris paribus laws, notably involving those couched in intentional terms) must remain circular, as he himself admits (219).
I believe the authors would agree that in those variants, too, the former is better than the latter, at least on a ceteris paribus basis.
If investors expect the alteration to result in better portfolio performance than that presently held, the fund will, ceteris paribus, sell at a premium to net asset value; if they expect the alteration to result in worse portfolio performance than that presently held, the fund will, ceteris paribus, sell at a discount.
H1: Ceteris paribus, the likelihood of the company voluntarily engaging external auditing increases inversely with the manager/director's ownership share.
In other words, for these two theories to deliver their relevant tradeoffs, there is an awful lot of ceteris paribus at work.
At one point I was roped into a band called Ceteris Paribus, formed by a saxophone-playing Greek philosophy student who lived at University House (by far the poshest hall of residence).
Laws of nature are most often ceteris paribus generalizations and "Ceteris pan bus generalizations, read literally without the "ceteris paribus' modifier, are false".
El recurso del ceteris paribus se usa como parte del proceso de abstraccion.
A fundamental weakness of economic theory is the assumption of ceteris paribus which simply means "other factors held constant".
This perspective leads empiricists to the safe conclusion that Christmas, and a spurt in gift exchanges, is caused by a prior increase in the money supply and, ceteris paribus, a drop in savings.
Ceteris paribus, higher government spending, faster payment of contractor debt and a new public sector liquidity cycle/fiscal stimulus has had a 'trickle up' impact on local property markets.