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or se·vi·che  (sə-vē′chā, sĕ-)
Raw seafood marinated in a mixture of lime or lemon juice and spices until the citrus causes the seafood to become firm, served as an appetizer.

[Spanish cebiche, ceviche, from Arabic sikbāj, meat cooked in vinegar, from Middle Persian *sikbāg : sik, vinegar + -bāg, food, broth (from Old Iranian *-pāka-, cooked (with or in); see pekw- in Indo-European roots).]
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a South American dish consisting of seafood marinated in citrus fruit, usually served in a salad
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or se•vi•che

(səˈvi tʃeɪ, -tʃi)
an appetizer of small pieces of raw fish marinated in lime or lemon juice, often with onions, peppers, and spices.
[1950–55; < American Spanish]
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Ceviche If you're looking for protein from the start, consider beginning with some ceviche, marinated raw fish that will begin filling you from the start.
Book your seat at the Ceviche bar for our exclusive 7 course tasting menu.
Others, who have lived in Mexico for several generations, eat either Veracruz-style fish with a spicy sauce like my friend, Mexican cookbook writer Pati Jinich, or salmon ceviche with serrano peppers, as I enjoyed years ago in Mexico City.
The Josefin restaurant serves dishes with a variety of influences including Ceviche and marinated duck breast, while fine French cognacs are the order of the day in LolaBar.
Every sip of a pisco sour tamed the citrus and Chile assault of a ceviche, a fish so fresh it almost crunches between your teeth.
Chef Lopez's interpretation of Mexican gastronomy combines the traditional Mayan flavours of the Yucatan Peninsula with a contemporary approach, representing an authentic taste of Mexico that revolves around a selection of ceviche's, tostadas, and tamales.
The starter was a seafood ceviche which should really have read kinilaw-since 'ceviche' is South American and entails a different way of pickling.
While most normal people crave burgers and pasta, my taste buds ache for Ceviche and Tiraditos.
Ceviche, however, is a good intermediate step for the raw fish skeptic because of its preparation.
In Fiji, says Tikaram, kokoda (Fijian ceviche) is eaten as part of the main course, but because good fish is so pricey in America, he serves it as a starter.