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or se·vi·che  (sə-vē′chā, sĕ-)
Raw seafood marinated in a mixture of lime or lemon juice and spices until the citrus causes the seafood to become firm, served as an appetizer.

[Spanish cebiche, ceviche, from Arabic sikbāj, meat cooked in vinegar, from Middle Persian *sikbāg : sik, vinegar + -bāg, food, broth (from Old Iranian *-pāka-, cooked (with or in); see pekw- in Indo-European roots).]


a South American dish consisting of seafood marinated in citrus fruit, usually served in a salad


or se•vi•che

(səˈvi tʃeɪ, -tʃi)
an appetizer of small pieces of raw fish marinated in lime or lemon juice, often with onions, peppers, and spices.
[1950–55; < American Spanish]
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Their ceviches and small plates are perfect summer dishes - not too heavy but filling and refreshing with a generous dose of cilantro, grape fruit and guava.
Highlights on the menu are the different ceviches, both Ecuadorian and Peruvian, the vegetarian gnocchi and Ecuadorian roasted duck with a papaya reduction and an apple sauce.
Most of the sandwiches cost less than $7, and the medium ceviches start at $11.
The Gaucho Dubai menu offers signature Argentine Ceviches - 'the new sushi' - traditional Empanadas and renowned steak cuts from the finest free-range Argentine Angus Beef in the world, whilst the Gaucho wine cellar boasts a list of more than 200 premium Argentine wines.
The sammies went down effortlessly and left us hungry for offerings from two of the menu's killer categories, ceviches and tiraditos (sashimi).
We love the Peruvian ceviches, ultrafresh fish marinated in time juice, and small plates like yucca balls in a spicy mustard sauce (picture elegant hush puppies) or quinoa-encrusted shrimp.
75) could use more lime juice to really be compared to the ceviches of Latin America, it provides a refreshing, cool and satisfying beginning.
These go beyond standard raw bar offerings to include sashimi, tartares, ceviches and carpaccios--often on the same menu.
Marinated ceviches may also be able to transmit infecting plerocercoids (5-9,11-17).
As always, the meal took off with several appetizers, which on this day were spinach salad with goat cheese, cuitlacoche quiche and an order of three ceviches (octopus, fish and shrimp).
famous starters: ceviches, classic soups, light salads and a long list of main courses "from the farm" and "from the sea.
We like to sit at the bar, opposite a window giving us a good view of the jazzy dining room, order up a mojito, and work our way serially through as many of the ceviches as time and the exchequer will allow.