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Noun1.chachalaca - slender arboreal guan resembling a wild turkey; native to Central America and Mexico; highly regarded as game birds
gallinacean, gallinaceous bird - heavy-bodied largely ground-feeding domestic or game birds
genus Ortalis, Ortalis - chachalacas
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Two new Colombian oilfield discoveries: GeoPark began drilling again on the Llanos 34 Block (GeoPark operated with 45% WI) and discovered and put into production the new Chachalaca and Jacana oil fields
In restoring habitat for the ocelot, we're also improving conditions for species such as javelina, chachalaca, and the state-endangered Texas tortoise and indigo snake, and an immense number of bird species.
Far off in the distance, I hear the whistling call of the chachalaca, one of Tobago's national birds.
The Speckled Chachalaca (Ortalis guttata) and Rusty-margined Guan (Penelope superciliaris) are regularly reported in the Atlantic Rainforest of northeastern Brazil (Schulz-Neto 1995, Silveira et al.
Zinc toxicosis due to ingestion of a penny in a gray-headed chachalaca (Ortalis cinereiceps).
The word chachalaca was slowed down to hilarious effect and made Lopez Obrador look silly, Still another ad stated that if Lopez Obrador won, he would take away people's houses.
The term chachalaca is rooted in the Nahuatl word chachalacatl, which means to speak loudly.
WATCHING THE WORLD: A chachalaca bird finds a perch and (right) an iguana lies in wait for a tasty morsel; DN10733_2; DN10733_3; DN10733_5; DN10733_4; UNUSUAL MAMMALS: One of the zoo's marmosets finds a comfy spot (above), and (right) a two-toed sloth.
They include the racquet-tailed blue-crowned motmot, often referred to as "king of the forest," the buff-throated wood-creeper, blue-backed manakin, kite rufous-tailed jacamar, the collared trogon, the barred antshrike, and the pleasant-like rufous-vented chachalaca.
Among the many species named for their vocalizations are the boobook owl, chachalaca, chickadee, chiffchaff, chowchilla, curlew, dickcissel, hoopoe, kiskadee, pauraque, pipit, towhee, veery, whip-poor-will, willet, and wompoo pigeon.
Peter took us into the rainforest, where we saw humming birds, blue crown mot mots, crested oropendolas, bright green parrots and Tobago's own national bird, the chachalaca.
A Harlingen Area Chamber of Commerce brochure, titled "Hooters, Hawks, and Hummingbirds," contains alluring photos of the green jay, chachalaca, kiskadee flycatcher, buff-bellied hummingbird, groove-billed ani, and other local birds.