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Noun1.chacma baboon - greyish baboon of southern and eastern Africachacma baboon - greyish baboon of southern and eastern Africa
baboon - large terrestrial monkeys having doglike muzzles
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Chacma baboons saw 121 body parts brought in as trophies, while there were 104 from leopards.
The team was curious about male violence and sexual intimidation in the chacma baboons living in Namibia in part because no one had ever witnessed a male baboon forcing a female to mate with him.
And in South Africa I have encountered Chacma Baboons, their southern counterpart.
Around 10 chacma baboons into the third-floor flat and wreaked havoc after one managed to the window open.
Samples were obtained from 50 yellow baboons (Papio cynocephalus) and 50 vervet monkeys (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) in the Mfuwe region (13[degrees]16'30.2"S, 31[degrees]40'00.4"E), Eastern Province, Zambia, in 2009 and from 50 chacma baboons (P.
He clearly references the racist stereotypes prevalent at the time, which Pechey (2006:43) terms the "aboriginality" of baboons in South African discourse, in which "comparison between South Africa's indigenous populations and chacma baboons" is a given.
Cape Town's chacma baboons are a popular attraction and some visitors give them treats in order to lure them closer and take pictures.
A comparative analysis in Chacma baboons. S Afr J Surg 1996; 34(1): 50 (Abstract).
Here, chacma baboons, conventionally framed as nonentities without rights, have suffered specifically at the confluence of speciesism and racism in apartheid history.
Chacma baboons are common throughout the country and have recently begun to move out of their natural habitats into urban areas, particularly the Cape Peninsula.
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