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(Anthropology & Ethnology) the Japanese tea ceremony
[from Japanese cha or sa tea (from Chinese cha) + way (from Chinese tao); chanoyu literally: tea's hot water]
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The 32-year-old petite Bahraini woman was one of the first people to introduce the kingdom to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony called 'Chanoyu' or 'Chado' when she opened her tea house 'Chawan' in Amwaj in 2008.
Later, we had a prime example of Japan's Ancient and Modern approach to life, with a traditional Chado tea ceremony followed by a visit to the impressive, futuristic Kyoto Station and its Happy Terrace on the 12th floor, with terrific views of the city.
Having first experienced the tea ceremony when I was nine, I have never outgrown my love for the small delicately shaped and colored sweets that allow one to ingest the thick bitter green tea, but I have learned to appreciate the slow gentle movements that accompany chado or the way of tea.
Kashintei Tea House: NESTLED in the newly reopened Japanese Garden in this beautiful authentic tea house, you can witness an intricate 'Chado' (tea ceremony).
| Visit Chado tea ceremony in the Japanese Garden Afternoon tea at the Hotel DeLuxe
En cuanto al oleaje, este posee dos componentes energeticos, uno cinetico y otro potencial, el cual puede ser aprove chado por diferentes tipos de dispositivos, acoplados a un generador electrico: captacion de movimiento variable a traves de estructura flexible semisumergida con sistema hidraulico, estructuras flotantes en las cuales las olas la sobrepasan y mueven pequenas turbinas, boyas semisumergibles o completamente sumergidas que mueven una turbina, o estructuras construidas en la costa en las que el oleaje mueve una columna de aire la cual hace girar una turbina (Sorensen y Naef, 2008).
The cheerfulness of its manga-influenced style creates a splendid wonder and an inviting world, where adventurer Chado crash-lands into an island war zone.
"Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom" has five different and original characters, but the storyline focuses on a young Waki named Chado. The official overview of the video game presents Chado as the protagonist who encounters a mysterious spirit (Shiness) named Terra.
Shah, the creator and owner of International Tea Importers (ITI) and Chado Tea Rooms, who passed away in April, made significant contributions to the growth and innovation of the tea industry in North America.
The Japanese tea ceremony, known as chado in Japan, which began as a traditional practice amongst Japanese monks in the 12th century, has evolved over time and place to conform to the purposes of man.