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n. pl. chaebol
A conglomerate of businesses, usually owned by a single family, especially in Korea.

[Korean chaebeol (formed on the model of Japanese zaibatsu, zaibatsu, by using the Korean pronunciation of the two Chinese characters with which the Japanese word is written) : chae, wealth (from Early Middle Chinese, dzəj; see zaibatsu) + beol, powerful family (from Early Middle Chinese buat; see zaibatsu).]
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(Commerce) a large, usually family-owned, business group in South Korea
[C20: from Korean, literally: money clan]
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It's not uncommon for workers in a South Korean Chaebol firm or a Japanese company to go on compulsory company outings and drinking sessions, in addition to sometimes working weeks of 60, 70 or even 80 hours. 
This chaebol problem is not just limited to South Korea, but is rather commonplace in many Asian markets, including Japan, China, Taiwan, etc., with all these economies being vulnerable to most of these issues mentioned above, with Japan being a very obvious case.
The Cho family scandals have increased public criticism about the country's chaebol," a privileged group of family-owned conglomerates that have been tied to corruption and exploitive behaviour.
Yoon is among a growing wave of South Korean millennials ditching stable white collar jobs, even as unemployment spikes and millions of others still fight to get into the powerful, family-controlled conglomerates known as chaebol.
But after promising to curtail the power of South Korea's chaebol conglomerates and redistribute income while achieving detente with North Korea, reality has bitten hard in 2018.
The series focuses on Nam Sin (played by Seo Kang-joon), a third-generation chaebol (a large business conglomerate) heir who falls into a coma after an accident.
At that time, South Korea-based chaebol LS Group and KKR have announced a deal under which KKR would become joint partners with LS in LS Automotive, an electrical auto parts maker for the global automotive industry, and acquire LS Group affiliate LS Mtron's copper foil and flexible copper clad laminate business.
Park's trial began in May and a verdict is expected before April in a case that brought scrutiny to the cosy ties between South Korea's political leaders and its largest chaebol, the so-called "Republic of Samsung".
It's a common story in South Korea, which rose to become a global industrial powerhouse dominated by family-run entities known as chaebol. Now those groups, from global behemoths such as Samsung Electronics Co.
Lee Jae-yong was spared the 12-year term demanded by prosecutors, where his sentence is said to be the longest given to any South Korean chaebol leader.